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2011Osteoporosis education improves osteoporosis knowledge and dietary calcium: comparison of a 4 week and a one-session education courseLaslett, L.; Lynch, J.; Sullivan, T.; McNeil, J.
2018Association of anthropometric measures and cardiovascular risk factors in children and adolescents: findings from the Aboriginal Birth Cohort studyGialamas, A.; Kinnell, A.; Mittinty, M.; Davison, B.; Singh, G.; Lynch, J.
2015Impact of perinatal health and socio-demographic factors on school education outcomes: a population study of Indigenous and non-Indigenous children in the Northern TerritoryGuthridge, S.; Li, L.; Silburn, S.; Li, S.; McKenzie, J.; Lynch, J.
2012Pre-pregnancy predictors of diabetes in pregnancy among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in North Queensland, AustraliaCampbell, S.; Lynch, J.; Esterman, A.; McDermott, R.
2013Diet quality of UK infants is associated with dietary, adiposity, cardiovascular, and cognitive outcomes measured at 7-8 years of ageGolley, R.; Smithers, L.; Mittinty, N.; Emmett, P.; Northstone, K.; Lynch, J.
2011Social determinants and the decline of cardiovascular diseases: lJnderstanding the linksHarper, S.; Lynch, J.; Davey-Smith, G.
2012An index measuring adherence to complementary feeding guidelines has convergent validity as a measure of infant diet qualityGolley, R.; Smithers, L.; Mittinty, N.; Brazionis, L.; Emmett, P.; Northstone, K.; Campbell, K.; McNaughton, S.; Lynch, J.
2014A comparison of parental views of their pre-school children's 'healthy' versus 'unhealthy' diets. A qualitative studyPeters, J.; Parletta, N.; Lynch, J.; Campbell, K.
2010Implicit value judgments in the measurement of health inequalitiesHarper, S.; King, N.; Meersman, S.; Reichman, M.; Breen, N.; Lynch, J.
2010Understanding the rapid increase in life expectancy in South KoreaYang, S.; Khang, Y.; Harper, S.; Davey Smith, G.; Leon, D.; Lynch, J.