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2017Measuring the effects of CVD interventions and studies across socioeconomic groups: a brief reviewCallander, E.; McDermott, R.
2012Folate status and health behaviours in two Australian Indigenous populations in north QueenslandLi, M.; McDermott, R.; D'Onise, K.; Leonard, D.
2015Characteristics of Indigenous adults with poorly controlled diabetes in north Queensland: implications for servicesJohnson, D.; McDermott, R.; Clifton, P.; D'Onise, K.; Taylor, S.; Preece, C.; Schmidt, B.
2015Albuminuria and its associated biomedical factors among Indigenous adults in far north Queensland: a 7-year follow up studyLi, M.; McDermott, R.
2012Lack of folate improvement in high risk Indigenous Australian adults over an average of 6.5 years: a cohort studyD'Onise, K.; McDermott, R.; Leonard, D.; Campbell, S.
2016Alcohol control policies in Indigenous communities: a qualitative study of the perceptions of their effectiveness among service providers, stakeholders and community leaders in Queensland (Australia)Clough, A.; Margolis, S.; Miller, A.; Shakeshaft, A.; Doran, C.; McDermott, R.; Sanson-Fisher, R.; Towle, S.; Martin, D.; Ypinazar, V.; Robertson, J.; Fitts, M.; Bird, K.; Honorato, B.; West, C.
2017Assessing the link between implementation fidelity and health outcomes for a trial of intensive case management by community health workers: a mixed methods study protocolSchmidt, B.; Watt, K.; McDermott, R.; Mills, J.
2018Diabetes and smoking as predictors of cancer in Indigenous adults from rural and remote communities of North Queensland - A 15-year follow up study.Li, M.; Roder, D.; McDermott, R.
2017'Sly grog' and 'homebrew': a qualitative examination of illicit alcohol and some of its impacts on Indigenous communities with alcohol restrictions in regional and remote Queensland (Australia)Fitts, M.; Robertson, J.; Towle, S.; Doran, C.; McDermott, R.; Miller, A.; Margolis, S.; Ypinazar, V.; Clough, A.
2017Alcohol management plans in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Australian communities in Queensland: community residents have experienced favourable impacts but also suffered unfavourable onesClough, A.; Margolis, S.; Miller, A.; Shakeshaft, A.; Doran, C.; McDermott, R.; Sanson-Fisher, R.; Ypinazar, V.; Martin, D.; Robertson, J.; Fitts, M.; Bird, K.; Honorato, B.; Towle, S.; West, C.