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2016Improving public health intervention for mosquito-borne disease: the value of geovisualization using source of infection and LandScan dataFlies, E.; WILLIAMS, C.; Weinstein, P.; Anderson, S.
2016Regional comparison of mosquito bloodmeals in South Australia: implications for Ross River virus ecologyFlies, E.; Flies, A.; Fricker, S.; Weinstein, P.; Williams, C.
2017New evidence for endemic circulation of Ross River virus in the Pacific Islands and the potential for emergenceLau, C.; Aubry, M.; Musso, D.; Teissier, A.; Paulous, S.; Despr├Ęs, P.; de-Lamballerie, X.; Pastorino, B.; Cao-Lormeau, V.; Weinstein, P.
2013Characterizing the spatial dynamics of sympatric Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Albopictus populations in the PhilippinesDuncombe, J.; Espino, F.; Marollano, K.; Velazco, A.; Ritchie, S.; Hu, W.; Weinstein, P.; Clements, A.
2015Respiratory syncytial virus seasonality in tropical AustraliaPaynter, S.; Ware, R.; Sly, P.; Weinstein, P.; Williams, G.
2012Imported cases of Ross River virus disease in New Zealand - a travel medicine perspectiveLau, C.; Weinstein, P.; Slaney, D.
2013High altitude syndromes at intermediate altitudes: a pilot study in the Australian AlpsSlaney, G.; Cook, A.; Weinstein, P.
2012Environmental drivers of Ross River virus in southeastern Tasmania, Australia: towards strengthening public health interventionsWerner, A.; Goater, S.; Carver, S.; Robertson, G.; Allen, G.; Weinstein, P.
2014Mosquito communities with trap height and urban-rural gradient in Adelaide, South Australia: implications for disease vector surveillanceJohnston, E.; Weinstein, P.; Slaney, D.; Flies, A.; Fricker, S.; Williams, C.
2010The roles of predators, competitors, and secondary salinization in structuring mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) assemblages in ephemeral water bodies of the Wheatbelt of Western AustraliaCarver, S.; Spafford, H.; Storey, A.; Weinstein, P.