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2010The biographical process of a Tibetan lamaZivkovic, T.
2010The long-term costs of traumatic stress: intertwined physical and psychological consequencesMcFarlane, A.
2010Adrenergic-beta(2) receptor polymorphism and athletic performanceSarpeshkar, V.; Bentley, D.
2010Body-mass index and cancer mortality in the Asia-Pacific Cohort Studies Collaboration: pooled analyses of 424 519 participantsParr, Christine L.; Batty, David G.; Lam, Tai Hing; Barzi, Federica; Fang, Xianghua; Ho, Suzanne; Jee, S. H.; Ansary-Moghaddam, Alireza; Jamrozik, Konrad; Ueshima, Hirotsugu; Woodward, Mark; Huxley, Rachel R.
2010Emergence of ethnic differences in blood pressure in adolescence: The Determinants of Adolescent Social Well-Being and Health StudyHarding, S.; Whitrow, M.; Lenguerrand, E.; Maynard, M.; Teyhan, A.; Cruickshank, J.; Der, G.
2010Population-based observational study of claudication in older men: The health in men studyLakshmanan, Rahul; Hyde, Zoe; Jamrozik, Konrad; Hankey, Graeme J.; Norman, Paul E.
2010Outcome of primary resurfacing hip replacement: evaluation of risk factors for early revision - 12,093 replacements from the Australian Joint RegistryProsser, G.; Yates, P.; Wood, D.; Graves, S.; de Steiger, R.; Miller, L.
2010Assessing overall duration of cardiovascular medicines in veterans with established cardiovascular diseaseRoughead, E.; Vitry, A.; Preiss, A.; Barratt, J.; Gilbert, A.; Ryan, P.
2010Adult height and cancer mortality in Asia: the Asia Pacific Cohort Studies CollaborationBatty, David G.; Barzi, Federica; Woodward, Mark; Jamrozik, Konrad; Woo, Jean; Kim, Hyeon Chang; Ueshima, Hirotsugu; Huxley, Rachel R.
2010Exploring barriers to the implementation of evidence-based practice in psychiatry to inform health policy: A focus group based studyHannes, K.; Pieters, G.; Goedhuys, J.; Aertgeerts, B.