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2011Women who smoke like men die like men who smoke: findings from two Australian cohort studiesJamrozik, Konrad; McLaughlin, Deirdre; McCaul, Kieran Anthony; Almeida, Osvaldo P.; Wong, K. Y. Carmen; Vagenas, Dimitrios; Dobson, Annette J.
2011Nexus between cultural dissonance, management accounting systems, and managerial effectiveness: Evidence from an Asian developing countryIslam, Jesmin; Quazi, Ali; Rahman, Azizur
2011How CER Could Pay for Itself - Insights from Vertebral Fracture TreatmentsElshaug, Adam Grant; Garber, Alan M.
2011Nexus of learning style with satisfaction and success of accounting students: a cross-cultural study at an Australian universityIslam, Jesmin; Rahman, Azizur; Boland, Gregory
2011Social and Health Costs of Tobacco Smoking in Australia: Level, Trend and DeterminantsRahman, Azizur; Harding, Ann
2011Function after spinal treatment, exercise, and rehabilitation: Cost-effectiveness analysis based on a randomized controlled trialMorris, Stephen; Morris, Tim P.; McGregor, Alison H.; Dore, Caroline J.; Jamrozik, Konrad
2011Bayesian predictive inference for multivariate simple regression model with matrix-T errorRahman, Azizur
2011Assessing malnutrition among chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy cancer Benghazi outpatientsPandey, Diwa; Buzgeia, Mohammed H.; Badr, Safaa A. E.; Nouh, Faiza Gheith Senussi; El-Mokasabi, Haifa Ibrahim; El-Shahomi, Aisha Mohammed
2011Home Medication Management by Videophone: Translation from Pilot Project to Integrated ServiceWade, V.; Littleford, A.; Kralik, D.
2011Evaluating pharmaceutical policy impacts using interrupted time series analysis: An Australian case studyKemp, A.; Preen, D.; Sanfilippo, F.; Glover, J.; Semmens, J.; Roughead, E.