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2013Large diameter metal on metal articulations. comparison of total hip arthroplasty and hip resurfacing arthroplastyJack, C.; Walter, W.; Shimmin, A.; Cashman, K.; de Steiger, R.
2013A history of comorbid depression and anxiety predicts new onset of heart diseaseBerecki-Gisolf, J.; McKenzie, S.; Dobson, A.; McFarlane, A.; McLaughlin, D.
2013Rapid blood-pressure lowering in patients with acute intracerebral hemorrhageAnderson, Craig; Arima, Hisatomi; Parsons, Mark; INTERACT2 Investigators
2013Characterizing the spatial dynamics of sympatric Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Albopictus populations in the PhilippinesDuncombe, J.; Espino, F.; Marollano, K.; Velazco, A.; Ritchie, S.; Hu, W.; Weinstein, P.; Clements, A.
2013Statistical analysis plan for the second INTEnsive blood pressure Reduction in Acute Cerebral hemorrhage Trial (INTERACT2): a large-scale investigation to solve longstanding controversy over the most appropriate management of elevated blood pressure in the hyperacute phase of intracerebral hemorrhageAnderson, Craig;...; Arima, Hisatomi; Woodward, Mark;...; INTERACT2 Investigators
2013A multisite analysis of the fluctuating course of posttraumatic stress disorderBryant, R.; O'Donnell, M.; Creamer, M.; McFarlane, A.; Silove, D.
2013Exeter short stems compared with standard length exeter stems : experience from the Australian orthopaedic association national joint replacement registryChoy, G.; Roe, J.; Whitehouse, S.; Cashman, K.; Crawford, R.
2013Physical activity levels of patients with cystic fibrosis hospitalised with an acute respiratory exacerbationWard, N.; White, D.; Rowe, H.; Stiller, K.; Sullivan, T.
2013Case studies that illustrate disinvestment and resource allocation decision-making processes in health care: A systematic reviewPolisena, Julie; Clifford, Tammy; Elshaug, Adam Grant; Mitton, Craig; Russell, Erin; Skidmore, Becky
2013Biology not culture explains dissociation in posttraumatic stress disorderMcFarlane, A.