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2014Caring for families experiencing stillbirth. Part 1 of 3: diagnosis to birthJoanna Briggs Institute; Stillbirth Foundation
2014Caring for families experiencing stillbirth. Part 2 of 3: the birthJoanna Briggs Institute; Stillbirth Foundation
2014Should diagnosis codes from emergency department data be used for case selection for emergency department key performance indicators?Howell, S.; Wills, R.; Johnston, T.
2014The long-term effects of maternal depression: early childhood physical health as a pathway to offspring depressionRaposa, E.; Hammen, C.; Brennan, P.; Najman, J.
2014Trends in cause of death after percutaneous coronary interventionSpoon, D.; Psaltis, P.; Singh, M.; Holmes, D.; Gersh, B.; Rihal, C.; Lennon, R.; Moussa, I.; Simari, R.; Gulati, R.
2014A qualitative exploration of cyber-bystanders and moral engagementPrice, D.; Green, D.; Spears, B.; Scrimgeour, M.; Barnes, A.; Geer, R.; Johnson, B.
2014Effective drinking water collaborations are not accidental: interagency relationships in the international water utility sectorJalba, D.; Cromar, N.; Pollard, S.; Charrois, J.; Bradshaw, R.; Hrudey, S.
2014Pseudomonas aeruginosa dose response and bathing water infectionROSER, D.; VAN DEN AKKER, B.; BOASE, S.; HAAS, C.; ASHBOLT, N.; RICE, S.
2014A trial of mindfulness meditation to reduce anger and violence in Thai youthWongtongkam, N.; Ward, P.; Day, A.; Winefield, A.
2014"The pure hard slog that nursing is...": a qualitative analysis of nursing workBogossian, F.; Winters-Chang, P.; Tuckett, A.