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2018Performance of a high rate algal pond treating septic tank effluent from a community wastewater management scheme in rural South AustraliaBuchanan, N.; Young, P.; Cromar, N.; Fallowfield, H.
2018Project evaluation report: Prevention is better than cure: a community-based participatory research projectHanson-Easey, S.; Sher, T.; Country Fire Authority
2018Socioeconomic inequalities in frailty among older adults in six low- and middle-income countries: results from the WHO Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE)Hoogendijk, E.O.; Rijnhart, J.J.; Kowal, P.; Perez-Zepeda, M.U.; Cesari, M.; Abizanda, P.; Flores Ruano, T.; Schop-Etman, A.; Huisman, M.; Dent, E.
2018Contributions of mean and shape of blood pressure distribution to worldwide trends and variations in raised blood pressure: A pooled analysis of 1018 population-based measurement studies with 88.6 million participantsEzzati, M.; Zhou, B.; Bentham, J.; Di Cesare, M.; Bixby, H.; Danaei, G.; Hajifathalian, K.; Taddei, C.; Carrillo-Larco, R.; Djalalinia, S.; Khatibzadeh, S.; Lugero, C.; Peykari, N.; Zhang, W.; Bennett, J.; Bilano, V.; Stevens, G.; Cowan, M.; Riley, L.; Chen, Z.; et al.
2018Microbiological values of rainwater harvested in AdelaideChubaka, C.; Whiley, H.; Edwards, J.; Ross, K.
2018Identification of service improvement opportunities in an Australian community transition care programSchultz, K.; Carroll, L.; Mainey, K.; Dent, E.
2018Lead, zinc, copper, and cadmium content of water from South Australian rainwater tanksChubaka, C.; Whiley, H.; Edwards, J.; Ross, K.
2018Diabetes and smoking as predictors of cancer in Indigenous adults from rural and remote communities of North Queensland - A 15-year follow up study.Li, M.; Roder, D.; McDermott, R.
2018A qualitative study of HR/OHS stress interventions in Australian universitiesPignata, S.; Winefield, A.; Boyd, C.; Provis, C.
2018A review of roof harvested rainwater in AustraliaChubaka, C.; Whiley, H.; Edwards, J.; Ross, K.