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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Parenting after a history of childhood maltreatment: a scoping review and map of evidence in the perinatal periodChamberlain, C.; Gee, G.; Harfield, S.; Campbell, S.; Brennan, S.; Clark, Y.; Mensah, F.; Arabena, K.; Herrman, H.; Brown, S.; Atkinson, J.; Nicholson, J.; Gartland, D.; Glover, K.; Mitchell, A.; Atkinson, C.; McLachlan, H.; Andrews, S.; Hirvoven, T.; Ralph, N.; et al.
2019Pregnancy and neonatal diabetes outcomes in remote Australia: the PANDORA study - an observational birth cohortMaple-Brown, L.; Lee, I.; Longmore, D.; Barzi, F.; Connors, C.; Boyle, J.; Moore, E.; Whitbread, C.; Kirkwood, M.; Graham, S.; Hampton, V.; Simmonds, A.; Van Dokkum, P.; Kelaart, J.; Thomas, S.; Chitturi, S.; Eades, S.; Corpus, S.; Lynch, M.; Lu, Z.; et al.
2019Progress in adolescent health and wellbeing: tracking 12 headline indicators for 195 countries and territories, 1990–2016Azzopardi, P.; Hearps, S.; Francis, K.; Kennedy, E.; Mokdad, A.; Kassebaum, N.; Lim, S.; Irvine, C.; Vos, T.; Brown, A.; Dogra, S.; Kinner, S.; Kaoma, N.; Naguib, M.; Reavley, N.; Requejo, J.; Santelli, J.; Sawyer, S.; Skirbekk, V.; Temmerman, M.; et al.
2019Multi-centre ethics and research governance review can impede non-interventional clinical researchDuplancic, C.; Crough, T.; Bell, S.; Thomson, R.; Wainwright, C.; Clements, A.; Floto, A.; Rogers, G.; Sly, P.; Burr, L.; Feather, I.; Moloney, S.; Grimwood, K.; Bye, P.; Belessis, Y.; Selvadurai, H.; Schultz, A.; Mulrennan, S.; Stock, D.; Beggs, S.; et al.
2019Association of HIV preexposure prophylaxis with incidence of sexually transmitted infections among individuals at high risk of HIV infectionTraeger, M.W.; Cornelisse, V.J.; Asselin, J.; Price, B.; Roth, N.J.; Willcox, J.; Tee, B.K.; Fairley, C.K.; Chang, C.C.; Armishaw, J.; Vujovic, O.; Penn, M.; Cundill, P.; Forgan-Smith, G.; Gall, J.; Pickett, C.; Lal, L.; Mak, A.; Spelman, T.D.; Long, N.; et al.
2019Early-life exposure to sibling modifies the relationship between CD14 polymorphisms and allergic sensitizationLau, M.; Dharmage, S.; Burgess, J.; Win, A.; Lowe, A.; Lodge, C.; Perret, J.; Hui, J.; Thomas, P.; Giles, G.; Thompson, B.; Abramson, M.; Walters, E.; Matheson, M.; Allen, K.; Benke, G.; Dowty, J.; Erbas, B.; Feather, I.; Frith, P.; et al.