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2022The need for improved Australian data on social determinants of health inequitiesFlavel, J.; McKee, M.; Freeman, T.; Musolino, C.; Van Eyk, H.; Tesfay, F.H.; Baum, F.
2020General Motor Holden's closure in Playford, South Australia: Analysis of the policy response and its implications for healthBrowne-Yung, K.; Ziersch, A.; Baum, F.; Friel, S.; Spoehr, J.
2022Implementing universal and targeted policies for health equity: lessons from AustraliaFisher, M.; Harris, P.; Freeman, T.; Mackean, T.; George, E.; Friel, S.; Baum, F.
2022A World Beyond Trans-National Corporations: Meeting Human Rather Than Corporate Need; Comment on ""Part of the Solution:" Food Corporation Strategies for Regulatory Capture and Legitimacy"Baum, F.; Anaf, J.
2022Promoting action on structural drivers of health inequity: principles for policy evaluationSchram, A.; Townsend, B.; Mackean, T.; Freeman, T.; Fisher, M.; Harris, P.; Whitehead, M.; van Eyk, H.; Baum, F.; Friel, S.
2022Explaining health inequalities in Australia: the contribution of income, wealth and employmentFlavel, J.; McKee, M.; Tesfay, F.H.; Musolino, C.; Freeman, T.; van Eyk, H.; Baum, F.
2022Intersectoral models to build healthy public policy: A review of the evidenceFlavel, J.; van Eyk, H.; Baum, F.; Wellbeing SA
2020How can corporate HIA help shape regulatory environments for Trans-National Corporations?Baum, F.; Anaf, J.; Fisher, M.; 16th World Congress on Public Health (WCPH) (12 Oct 2020 - 16 Oct 2020 : virtual online)
2022Energy as a Social and Commercial Determinant of Health: A Qualitative Study of Australian PolicyBaum, F.; McGreevy, M.P.; MacDougall, C.M.; Henley, M.
2022Universal Health Coverage for Health Equity: From Principle to Practice; A Response to the Recent CommentariesFisher, M.; Freeman, T.; Mackean, T.; Friel, S.; Baum, F.