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2020A trial protocol for the effectiveness of digital interventions for preventing depression in adolescents: the Future Proofing StudyWerner-Seidler, A.; Huckvale, K.; Larsen, M.E.; Calear, A.L.; Maston, K.; Johnston, L.; Torok, M.; O'Dea, B.; Batterham, P.J.; Schweizer, S.; Skinner, S.R.; Steinbeck, K.; Ratcliffe, J.; Oei, J.L.; Patton, G.; Wong, I.; Beames, J.; Wong, Q.J.J.; Lingam, R.; Boydell, K.; et al.
2020Translating research into practice: outcomes from the Healthy Living after Cancer partnership projectEakin, E.G.; Reeves, M.M.; Goode, A.D.; Winkler, E.A.H.; Vardy, J.L.; Boyle, F.; Haas, M.R.; Hiller, J.; Mishra, G.D.; Jefford, M.; Koczwara, B.; Saunders, C.M.; Chapman, K.; Hing, L.; Boltong, A.G.; Lane, K.; Baldwin, P.; Millar, L.; McKiernan, S.; Demark-Wahnefried, W.; et al.
2021Matching action to need: an analysis of Global Burden of Disease 2017 and population health data to focus adolescent health policy and actions in MyanmarCini, K.I.; Win, P.M.; Swe, Z.Y.; Than, K.K.; Win, T.M.; Aung, Y.W.; Myint, A.A.; Wulan, N.R.; Burns, L.J.; Kennedy, E.C.; Francis, K.L.; Sanda; Myat, S.M.; Swe, S.; Ko, A.K.; Yadanar; Hellard, M.; Hughes, C.L.; Patton, G.C.; Mokdad, A.H.; et al.
2020NAD⁺ repletion rescues female fertility during reproductive agingBertoldo, M.J.; Listijono, D.R.; Ho, W.H.J.; Riepsamen, A.H.; Goss, D.M.; Richani, D.; Jin, X.L.; Mahbub, S.; Campbell, J.M.; Habibalahi, A.; Loh, W.G.N.; Youngson, N.A.; Maniam, J.; Wong, A.S.A.; Selesniemi, K.; Bustamante, S.; Li, C.; Zhao, Y.; Marinova, M.B.; Kim, L.J.; et al.
2021The COVID-19 pandemic and healthcare systems in Africa: a scoping review of preparedness, impact and responseTessema, G.A.; Kinfu, Y.; Dachew, B.A.; Tesema, A.G.; Assefa, Y.; Alene, K.A.; Aregay, A.F.; Ayalew, M.B.; Bezabhe, W.M.; Bali, A.G.; Dadi, A.F.; Duko, B.; Erku, D.; Gebrekidan, K.; Gebremariam, K.T.; Gebremichael, L.G.; Gebreyohannes, E.A.; Gelaw, Y.A.; Gesesew, H.A.; Kibret, G.D.; et al.
2022Characterising activity and diet compositions for dementia prevention: protocol for the ACTIVate prospective longitudinal cohort studySmith, A.E.; Wade, A.T.; Olds, T.; Dumuid, D.; Breakspear, M.J.; Laver, K.; Goldsworthy, M.R.; Ridding, M.C.; Fabiani, M.; Dorrian, J.; Hunter, M.; Paton, B.; Abdolhoseini, M.; Aziz, F.; Mellow, M.L.; Collins, C.; Murphy, K.J.; Gratton, G.; Keage, H.; Smith, R.T.; et al.
2022An observational study to assess the effectiveness of 4CMenB against meningococcal disease and carriage and gonorrhea in adolescents in the Northern Territory, Australia—study protocolMarshall, H.S.; Andraweera, P.H.; Ward, J.; Kaldor, J.; Andrews, R.; Macartney, K.; Richmond, P.; Krause, V.; Koehler, A.; Whiley, D.; Giles, L.; Webby, R.; D’Antoine, H.; Karnon, J.; Baird, R.; Lawrence, A.; Petousis-Harris, H.; De Wals, P.D.; Greenwood-Smith, B.; Binks, M.; et al.
2020Screening for and managing the Person with Frailty in Primary Care: ICFSR Consensus GuidelinesRuiz, J.G.; Dent, E.; Morley, J.E.; Merchant, R.A.; Beilby, J.; Beard, J.; Tripathy, C.; Sorin, M.; Andrieu, S.; Aprahamian, I.; Arai, H.; Aubertin-Leheudre, M.; Bauer, J.M.; Cesari, M.; Chen, L.K.; Cruz-Jentoft, A.J.; De Souto Barreto, P.; Dong, B.; Ferrucci, L.; Fielding, R.; et al.
2020Causes of blindness and vision impairment in 2020 and trends over 30 years, and prevalence of avoidable blindness in relation to VISION 2020: the Right to Sight: an analysis for the Global Burden of Disease StudyBourne, R.R.A.; Briant, P.S.; Flaxman, S.R.; Taylor, H.R.B.; Jonas, J.B.; Abdoli, A.A.; Abrha, W.A.; Abualhasan, A.; Abu-Gharbieh, E.G.; Adal, T.G.; Afshin, A.; Ahmadieh, H.; Alemayehu, W.; Alemzadeh, S.A.S.; Alfaar, A.S.; Alipour, V.; Androudi, S.; Arabloo, J.; Arditi, A.B.; Aregawi, B.B.; et al.
2021PRISMA-S: an extension to the PRISMA Statement for Reporting Literature Searches in Systematic ReviewsRethlefsen, M.L.; Kirtley, S.; Waffenschmidt, S.; Ayala, A.P.; Moher, D.; Page, M.J.; Koffel, J.B.; Blunt, H.; Brigham, T.; Chang, S.; Clark, J.; Conway, A.; Couban, R.; de Kock, S.; Farrah, K.; Fehrmann, P.; Foster, M.; Fowler, S.A.; Glanville, J.; Harris, E.; et al.