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2022Dispensing of clomiphene citrate to treat infertility: medication supplied and population prevalence of assisted pregnancies and multiple birthsMoore, V.; Rumbold, A.; Fernandez, R.; McElroy, H.; Moore, L.; Giles, L.; Grzeskowiak, L.; Roughead, E.; Stark, M.; Davies, M.
2022Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) to guide clinical care: recommendations and challengesAgarwal, A.; Pain, T.; Levesque, J.F.; Girgis, A.; Hoffman, A.; Karnon, J.; King, M.T.; Shah, K.K.; Morton, R.L.
2022Characterising activity and diet compositions for dementia prevention: protocol for the ACTIVate prospective longitudinal cohort studySmith, A.E.; Wade, A.T.; Olds, T.; Dumuid, D.; Breakspear, M.J.; Laver, K.; Goldsworthy, M.R.; Ridding, M.C.; Fabiani, M.; Dorrian, J.; Hunter, M.; Paton, B.; Abdolhoseini, M.; Aziz, F.; Mellow, M.L.; Collins, C.; Murphy, K.J.; Gratton, G.; Keage, H.; Smith, R.T.; et al.
2022An observational study to assess the effectiveness of 4CMenB against meningococcal disease and carriage and gonorrhea in adolescents in the Northern Territory, Australia—study protocolMarshall, H.S.; Andraweera, P.H.; Ward, J.; Kaldor, J.; Andrews, R.; Macartney, K.; Richmond, P.; Krause, V.; Koehler, A.; Whiley, D.; Giles, L.; Webby, R.; D’Antoine, H.; Karnon, J.; Baird, R.; Lawrence, A.; Petousis-Harris, H.; De Wals, P.D.; Greenwood-Smith, B.; Binks, M.; et al.
2022A vulnerable residential environment is associated with higher risk of mortality and early transition to permanent residential aged care for community dwelling older South AustraliansTaylor, D.; Amare, A.T.; Edwards, S.; Inacio, M.; Visvanathan, R.
2022How are combinations of physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep related to cognitive function in older adults? A systematic reviewMellow, M.L.; Crozier, A.J.; Dumuid, D.; Wade, A.T.; Goldsworthy, M.R.; Dorrian, J.; Smith, A.E.
2022How and why do women's groups (WGs) improve the quality of maternal and child health (MCH) care? A systematic review of the literatureCanuto, K.; Preston, R.; Rannard, S.; Felton-Busch, C.; Geia, L.; Yeomans, L.; Turner, N.; Thompson, Q.; Carlisle, K.; Evans, R.; Passey, M.; Larkins, S.; Redman-MacLaren, M.; Farmer, J.; Muscat, M.; Taylor, J.
2022Implementation and Evaluation of a Digitally Enabled Precision Public Health Intervention to Reduce Inappropriate Gabapentinoid Prescription: Cluster Randomized Controlled TrialAndrade, A.Q.; Calabretto, J.-P.; Pratt, N.L.; Kalisch-Ellett, L.M.; Kassie, G.M.; LeBlanc, V.T.; Ramsay, E.; Roughead, E.E.
2022Mapping a decade of interventions to address the supportive care needs of individuals living with or beyond cancer: a scoping review of reviewsEdney, L.C.; Roseleur, J.; Gray, J.; Koczwara, B.; Karnon, J.
2022Evaluating cost benefits from a heat health warning system in Adelaide, South AustraliaWilliams, S.; Nitschke, M.; Wondmagegn, B.Y.; Tong, M.; Xiang, J.; Hansen, A.; Nairn, J.; Karnon, J.; Bi, P.