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2020Effect of antenatal depression on adverse birth outcomes in Gondar town, Ethiopia: A community-based cohort studyFekadu Dadi, A.; Miller, E.R.; Woodman, R.J.; Azale, T.; Mwanri, L.
2020Empirical investigation of ranking vs best-worst scaling generated preferences for attributes of quality of life: one and the same or differentiable?Ratcliffe, J.; Kaambwa, B.; Hutchinson, C.; Lancsar, E.
2020Are web-based personallytailored physical activity videos more effective than personally tailored text-based interventions? Results from the three-arm randomised controlled TaylorActive trialVandelanotte, C.; Short, C.E.; Plotnikoff, R.C.; Rebar, A.; Alley, S.; Schoeppe, S.; Canoy, D.F.; Hooker, C.; Power, D.; Oldmeadow, C.; Leigh, L.; To, Q.; Mummery, W.K.; Duncan, M.J.
2020Role of maternal age at birth in child development among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian children in their first school year: a population-based cohort studyHanly, M.; Falster, K.; Banks, E.; Lynch, J.; Chambers, G.M.; Brownell, M.; Dillon, A.; Eades, S.; Jorm, L.
2021Intergenerational transmission of child maltreatment in South Australia, 1986-2017: a retrospective cohort studyArmfield, J.M.; Gnanamanickam, E.S.; Johnston, D.W.; Preen, D.B.; Brown, D.S.; Nguyen, H.; Segal, L.
2020Gaming disorder among female adolescents: a hidden problem?King, D.L.; Potenza, M.N.
2021Rheumatic heart disease in Indigenous young peoplesWyber, R.; Wade, V.; Anderson, A.; Schreiber, Y.; Saginur, R.; Brown, A.; Carapetis, J.
2021Our journey, our story: a study protocol for the evaluation of a co-design framework to improve services for Aboriginal youth mental health and well-beingWright, M.; Brown, A.; Dudgeon, P.; McPhee, R.; Coffin, J.; Pearson, G.; Lin, A.; Newnham, E.; King Baguley, K.; Webb, M.; Sibosado, A.; Crisp, N.; Flavell, H.L.
2021Enablers and barriers to primary healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adolescents: study protocol for participatory mixed-methods research that builds on WHO global standards.Ritchie, T.; Purcell, T.; Westhead, S.; Wenitong, M.; Cadet-James, Y.; Brown, A.; Kirkham, R.; Neville, J.; Saleh, C.; Brown, N.; Kennedy, E.C.; Hennegan, J.; Pearson, O.; Azzopardi, P.S.
2021Diagnosis delayed: health profile differences between women with undiagnosed polycystic ovary syndrome and those with a clinical diagnosis by age 35 yearsFernandez, R.C.; Moore, V.M.; Rumbold, A.R.; Whitrow, M.J.; Avery, J.C.; Davies, M.J.