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2020Effect of antenatal depression on adverse birth outcomes in Gondar town, Ethiopia: A community-based cohort studyFekadu Dadi, A.; Miller, E.R.; Woodman, R.J.; Azale, T.; Mwanri, L.
2021Quantifying the influence of bias in reproductive and perinatal epidemiology through simulationDunne, J.; Tessema, G.A.; Ognjenovic, M.; Pereira, G.
2021Social capital and maternal and child health services uptake in low- and middle-income countries: mixed methods systematic reviewMengesha, E.W.; Alene, G.D.; Amare, D.; Assefa, Y.; Tessema, G.A.
2021Diagnosis delayed: health profile differences between women with undiagnosed polycystic ovary syndrome and those with a clinical diagnosis by age 35 yearsFernandez, R.C.; Moore, V.M.; Rumbold, A.R.; Whitrow, M.J.; Avery, J.C.; Davies, M.J.
2021Smoking cessation and preterm birth in second pregnancy among women who smoked in their firstPereira, G.; Dunne, J.; Regan, A.K.; Tessema, G.A.
2022The effect of family planning counselling on postpartum modern contraceptive uptake in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic reviewMruts, K.B.; Tessema, G.A.; Gebremedhin, A.T.; Scott, J.; Pereira, G.
2021A scoping review of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health promotion programs focused on modifying chronic disease risk factorsCanuto, K.; Aromataris, E.; Burgess, T.; Davy, C.; McKivett, A.; Sckwartzkopf, K.; Canuto, K.; Tufanaru, C.; Lockwood, C.S.; Brown, A.
2022The Hospital Burden Associated With Intergenerational Contact With the Welfare System in AustraliaProcter, A.M.; Chittleborough, C.R.; Pilkington, R.M.; Pearson, O.; Montgomerie, A.; Lynch, J.W.
2022Prenatal exposure to ambient air pollution and adverse birth outcomes: An umbrella review of 36 systematic reviews and meta-analysesNyadanu, S.D.; Dunne, J.; Tessema, G.A.; Mullins, B.; Kumi-Boateng, B.; Lee Bell, M.; Duko, B.; Pereira, G.
2022Knowing your audience: Investigating stillbirth knowledge and perceptions in the general population to inform future public health campaignsPollock, D.; Shepherd, C.C.J.; Adane, A.A.; Foord, C.; Farrant, B.M.; Warland, J.