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2012Recent peritonitis associates with mortality among patients treated with peritoneal dialysisBoudville, N.; Kemp, A.; Clayton, P.; Lim, W.; Badve, S.; Hawley, C.; McDonald, S.; Wiggins, K.; Bannister, K.; Brown, F.; Johnson, D.
2009Streptococcal peritonitis in Australian peritoneal dialysis patients: Predictors, treatment and outcomes in 287 casesO'Shea, S.; Hawley, C.; McDonald, S.; Brown, F.; Rosman, J.; Wiggins, K.; Bannister, K.; Johnson, D.
2010Opinions on the content and effects of the Caring for Australasians with Renal Impairment (CARI) Guidelines: A survey of renal nurses and comparison with the opinions of nephrologists in AustralasiaIrving, M.; Johnson, D.; McDonald, S.; Walker, R.; Frommer, M.; Fetherstonhaugh, D.; Deans, P.; Craig, J.
2005Homocysteine, renal disease and cardiovascular disease in a remote Australian Aboriginal communityMcDonald, S.; Maguire, G.; Duarte, N.; Wang, X.; Hoy, W.
2009Relationship between dialysis modality and mortalityMcDonald, S.; Marshall, M.; Johnson, D.; Polkinghorne, K.
2005Lymphoproliferative disease after renal transplantation in Australia and New ZealandFaull, R.; Hollett, P.; McDonald, S.
2006Implementing iron management clinical practice guidelines in patients with chronic kidney disease having dialysisIrving, M.; Craig, J.; Gallagher, M.; McDonald, S.; Polkinghorne, K.; Walker, R.; Roger, S.
2013The outcomes of patients with ESRD and ANCA-associated vasculitis in Australia and New ZealandTang, W.; Bose, B.; McDonald, S.; Hawley, C.; Badve, S.; Boudville, N.; Brown, F.; Clayton, P.; Campbell, S.; Peh, C.; Johnson, D.
2012Mycophenolate versus azathioprine for kidney transplantation: a 15-year follow-up of a randomized trialClayton, P.; McDonald, S.; Chapman, J.; Chadban, S.
2012Seasonal variation in peritoneal dialysis-associated peritonitis: a multi-centre registry studyCho, Y.; Badva, S.; Hawley, C.; McDonald, S.; Brown, F.; Boudville, N.; Wiggins, K.; Bannister, K.; Clayton, P.; Johnson, D.