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2006Maternal dietary intake in twin pregnancies: Does it diminish towards term?Morley, R.; Umstad, M.; Bond, J.; Moore, V.; Owens, J.; Dwyer, T.; Carlin, J.
2012Understanding non-return after a temporary deferral from giving blood: a qualitative studyHillgrove, T.; Doherty, K.; Moore, V.
2007Benzodiazepine prescribing in elderly Australian general practice patientsWindle, A.; Elliot, E.; Duszynski, K.; Moore, V.
2011The impact of temporary deferral due to low hemoglobin: future return, time to return, and frequency of subsequent donationHillgrove, T.; Moore, V.; Doherty, K.; Ryan, P.
2005Association between erythropoietin in cord blood of twins and size at birth: does it relate to gestational factors or to factors during labor or delivery?Morley, R.; Moore, V.; Dwyer, T.; Owens, J.; Umstad, M.; Carlin, J.
2012Black cohosh (Cimicifuga spp.) for menopausal symptomsLeach, M.; Moore, V.
2007Size at birth and autonomic function during psychological stressJones, A.; Beda, A.; Ward, A.; Osmond, C.; Phillips, D.; Moore, V.; Simpson, D.
2010Lower age at menarche affects survival in older Australian women: results from the Australian Longitudinal Study of AgeingGiles, L.; Glonek, G.; Moore, V.; Davies, M.; Luszcz, M.
2014Perinatal outcomes by mode of assisted conception and sub-fertility in an Australian data linkage cohortMarino, J.; Moore, V.; Willson, K.; Rumbold, A.; Whitrow, M.; Giles, L.; Davies, M.; Lambalk, C.
2005Diet during pregnancy, neonatal outcomes and later healthMoore, V.; Davies, M.