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1996Diet, acetylator phenotype, and risk of colorectal neoplasiaRoberts-Thomson, I.; Ryan, P.; Khoo, K.; Hart, W.; McMichael, A.; Butler, R.
1996Randomised, controlled trail of efficacy of midwife-managed careTurnbull, D.; Holmes, A.; Shields, N.; Cheyne, H.; Twaddle, S.; Harper-Gilmour, W.; McGinley, M.; Reid, M.; Johnstone, I.; Geer, I.; McIlwaine, G.; Burnett Lunan, C.
1998A systematic review comparing continuity of midwifery care with standard maternity services.Waldenstrom, U.; Turnbull, D.
1998Satisfaction with midwife-managed care in different time periods: a randomised controlled trial of 1299 womenShields, N.; Turnbull, D.; Reid, M.; Holmes, A.; McGinley, M.; Smith, L.
1999RSI: a perspective from its birthplaceGun, R.; Jezukaitis, P.
1997Epidemiology of traumatic brain injury in South AustraliaHiller, J.; Hillier, S.; Metzer, J.
1996The MOS SF-36 health survey questionnaire in severe chronic airflow limitation: Comparison with the Nottingham Health ProfileCrockett, A.; Cranston, J.; Moss, J.; Alpers, J.
1997Australian collaborative trial of antenatal thyrotropin-releasing hormone: adverse effects at 12-month follow-upCrowther, C.; Hiller, J.; Haslam, R.; Robinson, J.
1996Midwife managed careTurnbull, D.; Gilmour, W.; McGinley, M.; BurnettLunan, C.; Reid, M.
1999Role of medical history in brain tumor development. Results fromthe international adult brain tumour studySchlehofer, B.; Blettner, M.; Preston-Martin, S.; Niehoff, D.; Wahrendorf, J.; Arslan, A.; Ahlbom, A.; Choi, W.; Giles, G.; Howe, G.; Little, J.; Menegoz, F.; Ryan, P.