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2006Contribution of main causes of death to social inequalities in mortality in the whole population of Scania, SwedenRosvall, M.; Chaix, B.; Lynch, J.; Lindstrom, M.; Merlo, J.
2010Association of diarrhoea, poor hygiene and poor social conditions in childhood with blood pressure in adulthoodKauhanen, L.; Lynch, J.; Lakka, H.; Kauhanen, J.; Davey Smith, G.
2007Socioeconomic Position in Childhood and Adulthood and Weight Gain over 34 Years: The Alameda County StudyBaltrus, P.; Everson-Rose, S.; Lynch, J.; Raghunathan, T.; Kaplan, G.
2012The changing gender differences in life expectancy in Korea 1970-2005Yang, S.; Khang, Y.; Chun, H.; Harper, S.; Lynch, J.
2002Economic inequality, working-class power, social capital, and cause-specific mortality in wealthy countriesMuntaner, C.; Lynch, J.W.; Hillemeier, M.; Lee, J.H.; David, R.; Benach, J.; Borrell, C.
2014Data resource profile: the Australian Early Development Index (AEDI)Brinkman, S.; Gregory, T.; Goldfeld, S.; Lynch, J.; Hardy, M.
2013Genome-wide association and longitudinal analyses reveal genetic loci linking pubertal height growth, pubertal timing and childhood adiposityCousminer, D.; Berry, D.; Timpson, N.; Ang, W.; Thiering, E.; Byrne, E.; Taal, H.; Huikari, V.; Bradfield, J.; Kerkhof, M.; Groen-Blokhuis, M.; Kreiner-Møller, E.; Marinelli, M.; Holst, C.; Leinonen, J.; Perry, J.; Surakka, I.; Kettunen, J.; Anttila, V.; Kaakinen, M.; et al.
2016The Active For Life Year 5 (AFLY5) school-based cluster randomised controlled trial: effect on potential mediatorsLawlor, D.; Howe, L.; Anderson, E.; Kipping, R.; Campbell, R.; Wells, S.; Chittleborough, C.; Peters, T.; Jago, R.
2018Association of anthropometric measures and cardiovascular risk factors in children and adolescents: findings from the Aboriginal Birth Cohort studyGialamas, A.; Kinnell, A.; Mittinty, M.; Davison, B.; Singh, G.; Lynch, J.
2012Age effects on survival from early breast cancer in clinical settings in AustraliaRoder, D.; De Silva, P.; Zorbas, H.; Kollias, J.; Malycha, P.; Pyke, C.; Campbell, I.