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2015Analysis of randomised trials including multiple births when birth size is informativeYelland, L.; Sullivan, T.; Pavlou, M.; Seaman, S.
2015Surgical site infection-a population-based study in Australian adults measuring the compliance with and correct timing of appropriate antibiotic prophylaxisHooper, T.; Hibbert, P.; Hannaford, N.; Jackson, N.; Hindmarsh, D.; Gordon, D.; Coiera, E.; Runciman, W.
2016Long-term outcomes of end-stage kidney disease for patients with IgA nephropathy: a multi-centre registry studyZhang, L.; Liu, X.; Pascoe, E.; Badve, S.; Boudville, N.; Clayton, P.; De Zoysa, J.; Hawley, C.; Kanellis, J.; McDonald, S.; Peh, C.; Polkinghorne, K.; Johnson, D.
2015Bias and precision of the "multiple imputation, then deletion" method for dealing with missing outcome dataSullivan, T.; Salter, A.; Ryan, P.; Lee, K.
2002Self-awareness during the menopauseBloch, A.
2017Predictors of dental visits among primary school children in the rural Australian community of LithgowJohn, J.; Mannan, H.; Nargundkar, S.; D'Souza, M.; Do, L.; Arora, A.
2012Maternal education inequalities in height growth rates in early childhood: 2004 Pelotas birth cohort studyMatijasevich, A.; Howe, L.; Tilling, K.; Santos, I.; Barros, A.; Lawlor, D.
2018Individual-, family-, and school-level interventions targeting multiple risk behaviours in young peopleMacarthur, G.; Caldwell, D.; Redmore, J.; Watkins, S.; Kipping, R.; White, J.; Chittleborough, C.; Langford, R.; Er, V.; Lingam, R.; Pasch, K.; Gunnell, D.; Hickman, M.; Campbell, R.
2014Psychological distress and academic self-perception among international medical students: the role of peer social supportYamada, Y.; Klugar, M.; Ivanova, K.; Oborna, I.
2015Ethical challenges in school-based immunization programs for adolescents: a qualitative studyBraunack-Mayer, A.; Skinner, S.; Collins, J.; Tooher, R.; Proeve, C.; O'Keefe, M.; Burgess, T.; Watson, M.; Marshall, H.