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Type: Journal article
Title: Anthocyanic vacuolar inclusions (AVIs) selectively bind acylated anthocyanins in Vitis vinifera L. (grapevine) suspension culture
Author: Conn, S.
Zhang, W.
Franco, C.
Citation: Biotechnology Letters, 2003; 25(11):835-839
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publ
Issue Date: 2003
ISSN: 0141-5492
Abstract: Anthocyanic vacuolar inclusions (AVIs) appear as dark red-to-purple spheres of various sizes in vacuoles of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) cell suspension culture due to their interaction with anthocyanins. AVIs were purified and the bound anthocyanins extracted and analysed by HPLC from two lines of V. vinifera isolated from the same callus accumulating anthocyanin in the dark, yet varying in their anthocyanin profiles and accumulation. An intermediate-pigmented line (FU-1) with a 1.3:1 ratio of acylated:non-acylated anthocyanins, a colour value of 0.84 units and cyanidin and peonidin as the dominant species was compared with a high-pigmented line (FU-2) with a 1.2:1 ratio of acylated:non-acylated anthocyanins, a colour value of 3.72 units and malvidin predominating. The profile of AVI-bound anthocyanins showed an increase in acylated anthocyanins in both lines of approx. 28–29%, with no apparent preference for anthocyanin species. This resulted in a ratio of acylated:non-acylated anthocyanins of 6.2:1 for FU-1 and 4.9:1 for FU-2. The reasons for the selectivity of the AVIs for acylated (specifically p-coumaroylated) species compared with the whole cell profile are discussed.
Keywords: Acylated athocyanins; anthocyanic vacuolar inclusions; selective storage; Vitis vinifera
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RMID: 0020074791
DOI: 10.1023/A:1024028603089
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