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Type: Patent
Title: Safe Production of a Product of Interest in Hybrid Seed
Author: Werner, S.
Kandzia, R.
Eliby, S.
Marillonnet, S.
Klimyuk, V.
Gleba, Y.
Issue Date: 2004
Organisation: Icon Genetics
Abstract: process of the production of a product of interest in an F1 seed obtained by a hybridization of a first and a second transgenic parental plant, said hybridization generating a genetic endowment in said F1 seed for said production by combining in said F1 seed first and second partial genetic endowments of said first and second transgenic parental plants, followed by isolating said product of interest from said F1 seed or a seedling thereof
Description: Publication Number: WO/2004/108934 International Application No.: PCT/EP2004/006069 Publication Date: 16.12.2004 International Filing Date: 04.06.2004
Patent #: WO/2004/108934
RMID: 0020074895
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