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Type: Patent
Title: Optical Amplifier
Author: Mudge, D.
Veitch, P.
Munch, J.
Issue Date: 2005
Assignee: Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd
Abstract: An elongate composite slab gain medium (1) for producing laser radiation is described. The length of the composite slab gain medium (1) defines a longitudinal axis (A-A) with the slab gain medium (1) including a layer of laser-active material (6) having first and second opposed lateral surfaces arranged substantially parallel to this longitudinal axis and displacement means (9) to displace by a predetermined distance successive entry points into at least one of the lateral surfaces of a light ray (10) that travels in a zigzag path longitudinally along the composite slab gain medium (1).
Description: Publication Number: WO/2005/088782 International Application No.: PCT/AU2005/000354 Publication Date: 22.09.2005 International Filing Date: 15.03.2005
Patent #: Pub No: WO/2005/088782
RMID: 0020075195
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