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Type: Journal article
Title: Petrogenesis of ca 1.50 Ga granitic gneiss of the Coompana Block: filling the 'magmatic gap' of Mesoproterozoic Australia
Author: Wade, B.
Payne, J.
Hand, M.
Hatch, K.
Citation: Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 2007; 54(8):1089-1102
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd.
Issue Date: 2007
ISSN: 0812-0099
Abstract: The Coompana Block is an essentially unknown basement province that separates the Gawler Craton of South Australia from the Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia. Previously unstudied granitic gneiss intersected by deep drilling in the Coompana Block represents an important period of within-plate magmatism during a time of relative magmatic quiescence in the Australian Proterozoic. Granitic gneiss intersected at 1500 m depth in Mallabie 1 diamond drillhole is metaluminous and dominantly granodioritic in composition. The granodiorites have distinctive A-type chemistry characterised by high contents of Zr, Nb, Y, Ga, LREE with low Mg#, Sr, CaO and HREE. U - Pb LA-ICPMS dating of magmatic zircons provides an age of 1505 ± 7 Ma, interpreted as the crystallisation age of the granite protolith. Nd values are high with respect to exposed crust of the Musgrave Province and Gawler Craton, and range from +1.2 to +3.3 at 1.5 Ga. The granitic gneiss is interpreted to be a fractionated melt of a mantle-derived parental melt. The tectonic environment into which the precursor granite was emplaced is not clear. One possibility is emplacement within an extensional environment. Regardless, the granitic gneiss intersected in Mallabie 1 represents magmatic activity during the 'Australian Mesoproterozoic magmatic gap' of ca 1.50 - 1.35 Ga, and is a possible source for ca 1.50 detrital zircons found in sedimentary rocks of Tasmania and Antarctica, and metasedimentary rocks of the eastern Musgrave Province.
Keywords: A-type granite; Coompana Block; geochemistry; neodymium isotopes; Proterozoic; South Australia
Rights: © 2007 Geological Society of Australia
RMID: 0020074313
DOI: 10.1080/08120090701615733
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