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2004Liquid-crystal displays: Fabrication and measurement of a twisted nematic liquid-crystal cellWaclawik, Eric R.; Ford, Michael John; Hale, Penelope; Shapter, Joseph George; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans
2002Structural and synthetic studies of magnesium and zinc tolylformamidinate complexesCole, Marcus Lawford; Evans, David J.; Junk, Peter C.; Louis, Lance M.
2002Bidentate N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of Group 13 trihydrides and trihalidesBaker, Robert J.; Cole, Marcus Lawford; Jones, Cameron; Mahon, M. F.
2005Fragmentations of carbanions and enolate anions directed from the anionic center: an aid to structure determinationBowie, J.
2002N,N'-Di(tolyl)formamidinate complexes of potassium: studies of ancillary donor imposed molecular and supramolecular structureBaldamus, Jens; Berghof, Christiane; Cole, Marcus Lawford; Evans, David J.; Hey-Hawkins, Evamarie; Junk, Peter C.
2003Potassium complexes of the 'super' formamidine (2,6-Pr₂iC₆H₃)NC(H)NH(2,6-Pr₂iC₆H₃), HDippForm. Synthesis and molecular structure of [{K(DippForm)₂K(THF)₂}n]·nTHF and [K(DippForm)(THF)₃]·HDippFormCole, Marcus Lawford; Junk, Peter C.
2000Crystal structure of N-carboethoxycarbonyl-2-imidazolidinone, C6H10N2O3Crisp, Geoffrey T.; Jiang, Yu-Lin; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2000Microgel particles as a matrix for polymerization: a study of poly (N-isopropylacrylamide)-poly(N-methylpyrrole) dispersionsMrkic, James; Saunders, Brian Roy
2000Structural, spectroscopic, and electrochemical studies of binuclear manganese (II) complexes of bis(pentadentate) ligands derived from bis(1,4,7-triazacyclononane) macrocyclesBrudenell, Suzanne J.; Spiccia, Leone; Bond, Alan Maxwell; Fallon, Gary D.; Hockless, David C. R.; Lazarev, George; Mahon, Peter J.; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2000Crystal structure of 1-(phthalimidomethyl)-1,2-dicarba-closo-dodeca-borane, C11H17B10NO2Rendina, Louis M.; Todd, Jean Ann; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom