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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Design and synthesis of aromatic inhibitors of anthranilate synthasePayne, R.; Bulloch, E.; Abell, A.; Abell, C.
2004Identification and specificity studies of small-molecule ligands for SH3 protein domainsInglis, S.; Stojkoski, C.; Branson, K.; Cawthray, J.; Fritz, D.; Wiadrowski, E.; Pyke, S.; Booker, G.
2008Associative versus dissociative binding of CO to 4d transition metal trimers: A density functional studyAddicoat, M.; Buntine, M.; Yates, B.; Metha, G.
2005Developments in the design and synthesis of calpain inhibitorsNeffe, A.; Abell, A.
2017Reaction mechanism of the metallohydrolase CpsB from Streptococcus pneumoniae, a promising target for novel antimicrobial agentsMonteiro Pedroso, M.; Selleck, C.; Bilyj, J.; Harmer, J.; Gahan, L.; Mitić, N.; Standish, A.; Tierney, D.; Larrabee, J.; Schenk, G.
2020Biophysical techniques for distinguishing ligand binding modes in cytochrome P450 monooxygenasesPodgorski, M.N.; Harbort, J.S.; Coleman, T.; Stok, J.E.; Yorke, J.A.; Wong, L.-L.; Bruning, J.B.; Bernhardt, P.V.; De Voss, J.J.; Harmer, J.R.; Bell, S.G.
2016Fluorescent IGF-II analogues for FRET-based investigations into the binding of IGF-II to the IGF-1RCottam Jones, J.; Harris, P.; Scanlon, D.; Forbes, B.; Brimble, M.; Abell, A.
2008Binding studies of nNOS-active amphibian peptides and Ca²⁺ calmodulin, using negative ion electrospray ionisation mass spectrometryPukala, T.; Urathamakul, T.; Watt, S.; Beck, J.; Jackway, R.; Bowie, J.
2007Michael addition of acrolein to lysinyl and N-terminal residues of a model peptide: targets for cytoprotective hydrazino drugsKaminskas, L.; Pyke, S.; Burcham, P.
2008Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular modelling of N-heterocyclic dipeptide aldehydes as selective calpain inhibitorsJones, M.; Morton, J.; Coxon, J.; McNabb, S.; Lee, H.; Aitken, S.; Mehrtens, J.; Robertson, L.; Neffe, A.; Miyamoto, S.; Bickerstaffe, R.; Gately, K.; Wood, J.; Abell, A.