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2009Structural and functional characterization of two genetically related meucin peptides highlights evolutionary divergence and convergence in antimicrobial peptidesGao, B.; Sherman, P.; Luo, L.; Bowie, J.; Zhu, S.
2009Study of the isomers of isoelectronic C₄, (C₃B)⁻, and (C₃N)⁺: rearrangements through cyclic isomersWang, T.; Buntine, M.; Bowie, J.
2012Can cytosine, thymine and uracil be formed in interstellar regions? A theoretical studyWang, T.; Bowie, J.
2012Host-defense peptides of Australian anurans. Part 2. Structure, activity, mechanism of action, and evolutionary significanceBowie, J.; Separovic, F.; Tyler, M.
2012Backbone fragmentations of [M-H]⁻ anions from peptides. Reinvestigation of the mechanism of the beta prime cleavageWang, T.; Tran, T.; Calabrese, A.; Bowie, J.
2010Gas-phase intramolecular anion rearrangements of some trimethylsilyl-containing systems revisited. A theoretical approachWang, T.; Bowie, J.
2007Identification of intermolecular disulfide linkages in underivatised peptides using negative ion electrospray mass spectrometry. A joint experimental and theoretical studyBilusich, D.; Bowie, J.
2005Negative ion mass spectra of underivatised peptides: an aid to sequence determinationBowie, J.; Brinkworth, C.
2005Carbanions: formation, structure and thermochemistryBlanksby, S.; Bowie, J.
2001Rearrangement and fragmentation of isomeric C4H5O anions upon collision activation: a combined experimental and ab initio studyDua, S.; Bowie, J.; Hevko, J.