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2005Antimicrobial peptides from amphibian skin potently inhibit human immunodeficiency virus infection and transfer of virus from dendritic cells to T cellsVanCompernolle, S.; Taylor, R.; Oswald-Richter, K.; Jiang, J.; Youree, B.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.; Conlon, J.; Wade, D.; Aiken, C.; Dermody, T.; KewalRamani, V.; Rollins-Smith, L.; Unutmaz, D.
2004Novel endoperoxide antimalarials: Synthesis, heme binding, and antimalarial activityTaylor, D.; Avery, T.; Greatrex, B.; Tiekink, E.; Macreadie, I.; Macreadie, P.; Humphries, A.; Kalkanidis, M.; Fox, E.; Klonis, N.; Tilley, L.
2020Comparing nonbonded metal Ion models in the divalent cation binding protein PsaAMacDermott-Opeskin, H.; McDevitt, C.A.; O'Mara, M.L.
2014Sequencing of GJB2 in Cameroonians and Black South Africans and comparison to 1000 Genomes Project Data Support Need to Revise Strategy for Discovery of Nonsyndromic Deafness Genes in AfricansBosch, J.; Noubiap, J.J.N.; Dandara, C.; Makubalo, N.; Wright, G.; Entfellner, J.-B.D.; Tiffin, N.; Wonkam, A.
2017Cellular fates of manganese(II) pentaazamacrocyclic superoxide dismutase (SOD) mimetics: fluorescently labeled MnSOD mimetics, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, and X-ray fluorescence microscopy studiesWeekley, C.; Kenkel, I.; Lippert, R.; Wei, S.; Lieb, D.; Cranwell, T.; Wedding, J.; Zillmann, A.; Rohr, R.; Filipovic, M.; Ivanović-Burmazović, I.; Harris, H.
2023A tetranuclear polypyridylruthenium(II) complex as a selective stain for extracellular vesicle penetration through brain microvascular endotheliumWardhani, K.; Levina, A.; Sun, B.; Grau, G.E.R.; Keene, F.R.; Collins, J.G.; Lay, P.A.
2021Physiological functions of bacterial “multidrug” efflux pumpsHenderson, P.J.F.; Maher, C.; Elbourne, L.D.H.; Eijkelkamp, B.A.; Paulsen, I.T.; Hassan, K.A.
2022Designer D-peptides targeting the N-terminal region of α-synuclein to prevent parkinsonian-associated fibrilization and cytotoxicityHorsley, J.R.; Jovcevski, B.; Pukala, T.L.; Abell, A.D.
2015Ruthenium complexes as antimicrobial agentsLi, F.; Collins, J.; Keene, F.
2015Protected DNA strand displacement for enhanced single nucleotide discrimination in double-stranded DNAKhodakov, D.; Khodakova, A.; Huang, D.; Linacre, A.; Ellis, A.