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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The formation and catalytic activity of silver nanoparticles in aqueous polyacrylate solutionsWang, J.; Liu, J.; Guo, X.; Yan, L.; Lincoln, S.
2010Silica-attached molecular receptor complexes for benzoates and naphthoatesHodyl, J.; Lincoln, S.; Wainwright, K.
2007Novel polymer hydrogels constructed by cyclodextrin inclusion association: The binding structure as observed by 1H-NOESY-NMRGuo, X.; Wang, J.; Li, L.; Pacheco, C.; Fu, L.; Prud'homme, R.; Lincoln, S.
2004Fluorescent sensors for zinc(II) detection in biological systemsLincoln, S.
2011Fluorescence signaling of aromatic oxoanion inclusion within metal-ion activated molecular receptor complexes formed from 2-(9-anthracenylmethylamino)ethyl-appended cyclenBradbury, A.; Lincoln, S.; Wainwright, K.
2006Reversal of regioselectivity and enhancement of rates of nitrile oxide cycloadditions through transient attachment of dipolarophiles to cyclodextrinsBarr, L.; Lincoln, S.; Easton, C.
2004Model associative polymer networks generated by inclusion interaction between polymers with cyclodextrin and hydrophobic graftsXuhong, G.; Abdala, A.; Prud'homme, R.; Lincoln, S.; Khan, S.
2010Solvent induced selectivity switching in aromatic-anion binding molecular receptorsHodyl, J.; Lincoln, S.; Wainwright, K.
2008Fluorescent signaling provides deeper insight into aromatic anion uptake by metal-ion activated molecular receptorsBradbury, A.; Lincoln, S.; Wainwright, K.
2008The foundation of a light driven molecular muscle based on stilbene and alpha-cyclodextrinDawson, R.; Lincoln, S.; Easton, C.