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2006Gas-phase synthesis and reactivity of binuclear gold hydride cations, (R3PAu)(2)H+ (R = Me and Ph)Khairallah, G.; O'Hair, R.; Bruce, M.
2003Formation of neutral molecules of potential stellar interest by neutralisation of negative ions in a mass spectrometer - The application of experiment and molecular modelling in concertBowie, J.; Peppe, S.; Dua, S.; Blanksby, S.
2005Design and synthesis of aromatic inhibitors of anthranilate synthasePayne, R.; Bulloch, E.; Abell, A.; Abell, C.
2011Crystalline covalent organic frameworks with hydrazone linkagesUribe-Romo, F.; Doonan, C.; Furukawa, H.; Oisaki, K.; Yaghi, O.
2002Backbone cleavages of [M - H]- anions derived from caerin 1 peptides and some synthetic modifications. Molecular recognition initiating internal cyclisation of Glu23Brinkworth, C.; Bowie, J.
2013New cylindrical peptide assemblies defined by extended parallel β-sheetsPehere, A.; Sumby, C.; Abell, A.
2005Synthesis of Trisubstituted Imidazoles by Palladium-Catalyzed Cyclization of O-Pentafluorobenzoylamidoximes: Application to Amino Acid Mimetics with a C-Terminal ImidazoleZaman, S.; Mitsuru, K.; Abell, A.
2012Molecular shape and the energetics of chemisorption: From simple to complex energy landscapesHuang, D.; Harrowell, P.
2018The human amyloid precursor protein binds copper ions dominated by picomolar-affinity site in the helix-rich E2 domainYoung, T.; Pukala, T.; Cappai, R.; Wedd, A.; Xiao, Z.
2008MoV electron paramagnetic resonance of sulfite oxidase revisited: the low-pH chloride signalDoonan, C.; Wilson, H.; Bennett, B.; Prince, R.; Rajagopalan, K.; George, G.