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2002The formation of neutral CCC and its radical cation from the CCC radical anion in the gas phase. A joint experimental and theoretical studyMc Anoy, A.; Dua, S.; Schroder, D.; Bowie, J.; Schwarz, H.
2000The loss of CO from the ortho, meta and para forms of deprotonated methyl benzoate in the gas phaseMc Anoy, A.; Dua, S.; Blanksby, S.; Bowie, J.
2000Formation of two isomeric C3HO radicals from charged precursors in the gas phase. Potential interstellar moleculesPeppe, S.; Blanksby, S.; Dua, S.; Bowie, J.
2001The unusual neutral OCOCO and possible charged analogues. A theoretical investigationDua, S.; Peppe, S.; Bowie, J.
2005One-electron oxidation of [CCOCC]–· in the gas phase forms stable and decomposing forms of CCCCOFitzgerald, M.; Dua, S.; Bowie, J.
2002Atom scrambling of linear C₅ in the gas phase: a joint experimental and theoretical studyDua, S.; Bowie, J.
2002Collision-induced fragmentations of the (M-H) parent anions of underivatized peptides: An aid to structure determination and some unusual negative ion cleavagesBowie, J.; Brinkworth, C.; Dua, S.
2004The formation of cyanoketene (NCCHCO) and the isomer NCCCHO from anionic precursors in the gas phase. The rearrangement of NCCCHO to NCCHCOMc Anoy, A.; Bowie, J.; Dua, S.
2003Gas phase generation of the neutrals H₂CCCCO, HCCCCDO and CCCHCHO from anionic precursors. Rearrangements of HCCCCDO and CCCHCHO. A joint experimental and theoretical studyFitzgerald, M.; Bowie, J.; Dua, S.
2001Is the elusive trioxydehydroethene neutral (O₂C-CO) detectable in the gas phase?Peppe, S.; Dua, S.; Bowie, J.