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2015The crystal structure of the versatile cytochrome P450 enzyme CYP109B1 from Bacillus subtilisZhang, A.; Zhang, T.; Hall, E.; Hutchinson, S.; Cryle, M.; Wong, L.; Zhou, W.; Bell, S.
2016Metallosupramolecular chemistry of AgI complexes with azobis(2-pyridine) and its derivativesRajan, S.; Keene, F.; Steel, P.
2012Molecular shape and the energetics of chemisorption: From simple to complex energy landscapesHuang, D.; Harrowell, P.
2014Computational study of P3HT/C₆₀-fullerene miscibilityHuang, D.
2012Coarse-grained simulations of the effects of chain length, solvent quality, and chemical defects on the solution-phase morphology of MEH-PPV conjugated polymersChiu, M.; Kee, T.; Huang, D.
2012Multi-scale modeling of bulk heterojunctions for organic photovoltaic applicationsDantanarayana, V.; Huang, D.; Staton, J.; Moule, A.; Faller, R.
2007Ion-specific anomalous electrokinetic effects in hydrophobic nanochannelsHuang, D.; Cottin-Bizonne, C.; Ybert, C.; Bocquet, L.
2019Atomically dispersed single co sites in zeolitic imidazole frameworks promoting high-efficiency visible-light-driven hydrogen productionRan, J.; Zhang, H.; Qu, J.; Xia, B.; Zhang, X.; Chen, S.; Song, L.; Jing, L.; Zheng, R.; Qiao, S.
2011Host-guest complexation of apple antioxidant quercetin by linked β-cyclodextrin dimerNguyen, H.D.; Pham, D.T.; Lincoln, S.
1970The circular dichroism and the chirality of the unsymmetric-cis- and the trans-(+)D-bis(diethylenetriamine)cobalt(III) ionKeene, F.R.; Searle, G.H.; Mason, S.F.