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1997Sueprcritical CO2 Extraction of the Essential Oils of Eucalypts: A Comparison with other MethodsMilner, C. P.; Trengove, R. D.; Bignell, Caroline M.; Dunlop, Peter J.
1999Small Molecule Crystallography: Current Practice and Future PerspectivesTiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2008Effect of pore wall model on prediction of diffusion coefficients for graphitic slit poresCai, Q.; Biggs, M.; Seaton, N.
2010Biomimetic synthesis of polycyclic polyprenylated acylphloroglucinol natural products isolated from Hypericum papuanumGeorge, J.; Hesse, M.; Baldwin, J.; Adlington, R.
2010Silica-attached molecular receptor complexes for benzoates and naphthoatesHodyl, J.; Lincoln, S.; Wainwright, K.
2009Structural and functional characterization of two genetically related meucin peptides highlights evolutionary divergence and convergence in antimicrobial peptidesGao, B.; Sherman, P.; Luo, L.; Bowie, J.; Zhu, S.
2002Concise, stereoselective synthesis of cis-nemorensic acid and 4-hydroxy cis-nemorensic acid via tandem carbonyl ylide formation-cycloadditionHodgson, Deborah M.; Avery, Thomas Daniel; Donohue, Andrew C.
2001(1,3-Benzo[d]dioxol-5-yl)(2-pyridyl)methyl cyanideDuthie, Andrew; Scammells, Peter J.; Katsifis, Andrew; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2005(2,2 ': 6 ',2 ''-Terpyridine)platinum(II) complexes containing (thioalkyl)dicarba-closo-dodecaborane(12) ligandsTodd, Jean Ann; Turner, Peter David; Ziolkowski, Erin J.; Rendina, Louis M.
2001X-ray structure of (1,5,9,13-tetraazacyclohexadecane)zinc(II) tetrabromozincateChoi, Ki-Young; Ryu, H.; Suh, Il-Hwan; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom