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2003Formation of neutrals of interstellar significance in the gas phase by one-electron oxidation of precursor anions of known bond connectivityDua, S.; Blanksby, S.; Peppe, S.; Mc Anoy, A.; Blumenthal, T.; Bowie, J.
1999Interstellar molecules. Conversion of C₃O− to C₃O in the gas phaseBlanksby, S.; Dua, S.; Bowie, J.
2001Cumulenic and heterocumulenic anions: potential interstellar species?Blanksby, S.; Mc Anoy, A.; Dua, S.; Bowie, J.
1996Anionic migration in aromatic systems effected by collisional activation. Unusual reactions of deprotonated anilides containing methylbenzoate substituents.Bowie, J.; Blanksby, S.; Dua, S.; Hevko, J.; Christie, H.
2000Conversion of neutral C₂COC₂ to C₄CO. Potential interstellar moleculesDua, S.; Blanksby, S.; Bowie, J.
2000Formation of neutral C₇H₂ isomers from four isomeric C₇H₂ radical anion precursors in the gas phaseDua, S.; Blanksby, S.; Bowie, J.
2000The loss of CO from the ortho, meta and para forms of deprotonated methyl benzoate in the gas phaseMc Anoy, A.; Dua, S.; Blanksby, S.; Bowie, J.
1995Unusual cross-ring SN2 reactions of [M-H]⁻ ions of methoxyacetanilidesBlanksby, S.; Dua, S.; Bowie, J.
2000Formation of two isomeric C3HO radicals from charged precursors in the gas phase. Potential interstellar moleculesPeppe, S.; Blanksby, S.; Dua, S.; Bowie, J.
1999Mass spectrometric studies of the oxocarbons CnOn (n=3-6)Schroder, D.; Schwarz, H.; Dua, S.; Blanksby, S.; Bowie, J.