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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979The application of ¹³C-N.M.R. spectroscopy to the determination of the stereochemistry of Diels-Alder adductsTan, R.Y.S.; Russell, R.A.; Warrener, R.N.
1977Photo-bisdecarbonylation. An entry into the highly reactive isobenzosystem: isoindeneWarrener, R.N.; Russell, R.A.; Lee, T.S.
1978The rearrangement of vinyl epoxides derived from bicyclo[4.2.0]Octa-2,4,7-trienesWarrener, R.N.; Russell, R.A.; Tan, R.Y.S.
1979The stereochemistry of the adducts derived from the Diels-Alder addition of cyclobutenes and cyclopentadienones: a caveat on some existing PMR methods for the assignment of stereochemistryWarrener, R.N.; Tan, R.Y.S.; Russell, R.A.
1979The synthesis and photochemistry of bicyclo[4.2.0]octa-2,4,7-trienesWarrener, R.N.; McCay, I.W.; Tan, R.Y.S.; Russell, R.A.
1979Cycloaddition routes to polycyclic quinones: Part 1 boron triacetate as a regiochemical directing agentRussell, R.A.; Collin, G.J.; Sterns, M.; Warrener, R.N.
1978A comparative study of Jones's, Collins's and Corey's reagents in the chromium(VI) oxidation of an epimeric pair of allylic alcohols in the benzo-fused Norbornen-5-ol seriesWarrener, R.N.; Lee, T.S.; Russell, R.A.; Paddon-Row, M.N.
1977A photochemical route to spiro[2.8]undeca-2,4,6,8-tetraene (2-spirocyclopropylisoindene)Warrener, R.N.; Harrison, P.A.; Russell, R.A.
1970The circular dichroism and the chirality of the unsymmetric-cis- and the trans-(+)D-bis(diethylenetriamine)cobalt(III) ionKeene, F.R.; Searle, G.H.; Mason, S.F.