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2010A new metabotropic glutamate receptor agonist with in vivo anti-allodynic activityStanley, N.; Hutchinson, M.; Kvist, T.; Nielsen, B.; Mathiesen, J.; Brauner-Osborne, H.; Avery, T.; Tiekink, E.; Pedersen, D.; Irvine, R.; Abell, A.; Taylor, D.
2015Reactivity and speciation of anti-diabetic vanadium complexes in whole blood and its components: the important role of red blood cellsLevina, A.; McLeod, A.; Gasparini, S.; Nguyen, A.; De Silva, W.; Aitken, J.; Harris, H.; Glover, C.; Johannessen, B.; Lay, P.
2008Binding studies of nNOS-active amphibian peptides and Ca²⁺ calmodulin, using negative ion electrospray ionisation mass spectrometryPukala, T.; Urathamakul, T.; Watt, S.; Beck, J.; Jackway, R.; Bowie, J.
2016Some chemical speculation on the biosynthesis of corallidictyals A-DMarkwell-Heys, A.; George, J.
2012Total synthesis of (+)-aureolKuan, K.; Pepper, H.; Bloch, W.; George, J.
2012Synthesis of a liphagal-frondosin c hybrid and speculation on the biosynthesis of the frondosinsPepper, H.; Kuan, K.; George, J.
2002Backbone cleavages of [M - H]- anions derived from caerin 1 peptides and some synthetic modifications. Molecular recognition initiating internal cyclisation of Glu23Brinkworth, C.; Bowie, J.
1998New caerin 1 antibiotic peptides from the skin secretion of the Australian tree frog Litoria chloris. Part 2. Sequence determination using electrospray mass spectrometryWabnitz, P.; Steinborner, S.; Currie, G.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.
2006Host-defence skin peptides of the Australian Streambank Froglet Crinia riparia: isolation and sequence determination by positive and negative ion electrospray mass spectrometryMaselli, V.; Bilusich, D.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.
2003Ring-deactivated hydroxyalkylpyrrole-based inhibitors of alpha-chymotrypsin: synthesis and mechanism of actionMartyn, D.; Vernall, A.; Clark, B.; Abell, A.