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2005Fragmentations of carbanions and enolate anions directed from the anionic center: an aid to structure determinationBowie, J.
2010Gas-phase intramolecular anion rearrangements of some trimethylsilyl-containing systems revisited. A theoretical approachWang, T.; Bowie, J.
2013Fragmentations of [M-H]⁻ anions of peptides containing Ser sulfate. A joint experimental and theoretical studyTran, T.; Wang, T.; Hack, S.; Bowie, J.
2011Membrane binding and perturbation studies of the antimicrobial peptides caerin, citropin, and maculatinChia, B.; Gong, Y.; Bowie, J.; Zuegg, J.; Cooper, M.
1995Decompositions of (M-H)- ions of isomeric dimethylsulphone and methyl sulphinateDua, S.; Bowie, J.
2002Negative ion electrospray mass spectra of caerulein peptides: an aid to structural determinationBoontheung, P.; Alewood, P.; Brinkworth, C.; Bowie, J.; Wabnitz, P.; Tyler, M.
1998Unusual collision-induced fragmentations of deprotonated methoxybenzyl formates in the gas phase. 1,2-Wittig rearrangements, cross-ring nucleophilic substitution and ortho effectsTaylor, M.; Dua, S.; Bowie, J.
1996Anionic migration effected by collisional activation. Hydride ion mobility in keto substituted alkoxide anionsBowie, J.; Hevko, J.; Dua, S.
1996New antibiotic uperin peptides from the dorsal glands of the Australian toadlet Uperoleia mjobergiiBowie, J.; Bradford, A.; Tyler, M.; Wallace, J.
1999Caerulein-like peptides from the skin glands of the Australian Blue Mountains Tree Frog Litoria citropaWabnitz, P.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.