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2003Crystal structure of anhydrous potassium O-n-propyldithiocarbonate. Theoretical calculations of O-alkyl dithiocarbonatesBuntine, M.; Cox, M.; Lim, Y.; Yap, T.; Tiekink, E.
1998Crystal structure of benzyl 2-(2-benzoylcyclopropyl)acetate, C19H18O3Avery, T.; Taylor, D.; Tiekink, E.
1997Intramolecular electron transfer in (BzImH)[(LOV)20](H2L = S-methyl 3-((2-hydroxyphenyl)methyl)dithiocarbazate): a novel m-oxo dinuclear oxovanadium(IV/V) compound with a trapped-valence (V2O3)3+ coreDutta, S.; Kumar, S.; Bhattacharyya, S.; Chaudhury, M.; Tiekink, E.
1999Expeditious Synthesis of Dihydronaphthorfurans utilising 1,2-Dioxines and Stabilised Phosphorus YlidesHaselgrove, T.; Jevric, M.; Taylor, D.; Tiekink, E.
2001Crystal structure of 1-(4-nitrophenyl)-3-(phenylsulfonyl)-2,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrole, C₁₆H₁₄N₂O₄SPearce, W.; Pyke, S.; Tiekink, E.
2006A structural study of the synergic envelopment of acetonitrile by a UJI) activated molecular receptor formed from cyclen with appended 2-hydroxy-3-phenylpropyl moietiesRobinson, T.; Wyness, O.; Lincoln, S.; Taylor, M.; Tiekink, E.; Wainwright, K.
2001Crystal structure of N1-(hexahydro-1λ⁶-thiopyran-1-yliden)-1-benzenesulfonamide, C₁₂H₁₇NO₂S₂Creaser, S.; Pyke, S.; Tiekink, E.
2002An anionic C₃-C₅ ring expansion of β-ketocyclopropanes to cyclopentenolsGreatrex, B.; Taylor, D.; Tiekink, E.
2010A new metabotropic glutamate receptor agonist with in vivo anti-allodynic activityStanley, N.; Hutchinson, M.; Kvist, T.; Nielsen, B.; Mathiesen, J.; Brauner-Osborne, H.; Avery, T.; Tiekink, E.; Pedersen, D.; Irvine, R.; Abell, A.; Taylor, D.
2002Atom transfer chemistry and electrochemical behavior of Mo(VI) and Mo(V) trispyrazolylborate complexes: new mononuclear and dinuclear speciesMillar, A.; Doonan, C.; Laughlin, L.; Tiekink, E.; Young, C.