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1998Crystal structure of methyl 4-hydroxy-1-phenyl-2-naphthoate, C18H14O3Evans, K.; Taylor, D.; Tiekink, E.
1995N-g-L-Glutamyl-b-cyano-L-alanine, an antinutritional factor ex vicia sativa L., as its ammonium saltTiekink, E.; Delaere, I.; Tate, M.; Jones, G.
1999Expeditious Synthesis of Dihydronaphthorfurans utilising 1,2-Dioxines and Stabilised Phosphorus YlidesHaselgrove, T.; Jevric, M.; Taylor, D.; Tiekink, E.
1998Dipolar cycloaddition reactions of nitriliminesDunstan, J.; Elsey, G.; Russell, R.; Savage, G.; Simpson, G.; Tiekink, E.
1998Crystal structure of ethyl 3,3-dimethyl-5,7-dihydro-H[1,3]dioxepino[5,6-c]=pyrrole-6-carboxylate, C12H17NO4Pearce, W.; Pyke, S.; Tiekink, E.
1997Redetermination of the crystal structure of sodium p-nitrophenolate dihydrate, {Na(O2NC6H4-p)(H2O)}Sharma, R.; Kumar, S.; Bhasin, K.; Tiekink, E.
1997Intramolecular electron transfer in (BzImH)[(LOV)20](H2L = S-methyl 3-((2-hydroxyphenyl)methyl)dithiocarbazate): a novel m-oxo dinuclear oxovanadium(IV/V) compound with a trapped-valence (V2O3)3+ coreDutta, S.; Kumar, S.; Bhattacharyya, S.; Chaudhury, M.; Tiekink, E.
19983,3-Dimethyl-1,1':4',1-terphenylAvery, T.; Taylor, D.; Tiekink, E.
1995Cage formation in the reaction 7-tert-butoxynorbornadiene with 2,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole: X-ray structure, AM1 calculations and mechanistic commentsTiekink, E.; Warrener, R.; Elsey, G.; Russell, R.
1999Crystal structure of trans-3-[4-(2-oxo-2-phenylethyl)-1,3-dioxolan-2-yl]-1-phenyl-1-propanone, C20H20O4Avery, T.; Jensen, W.; Taylor, D.; Tiekink, E.