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1998Crystal structure of trans-bis(P,P-dicyclohexyl-N-phenyl-phosphinothio-formamido)nickel(II), trans-{Ni[(c-C6H11)2PC(S)NPh]2}Kramolowsky, R.; Klein, W.; Siasios, George; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
1995Coordination equilibria and water exchange kinetics of lanthanide(III) propylenediaminetetraacetates and other MRI related complexesGraeppi, N.; Powell, D. Hugh; Laurenczy, Gabor; Zekany, L.; Merbach, Andre E.
1996Crystal structure of 3-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-2-propene-1-one, C15H12O2Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom; Yeap, G.-Y.; Feng, M.-C.; Ng, A.-C.
1995X-ray structure of the dimeric bis[(1,7-dicarba-closo-dodecaborane-1-carboxylato)-di-n-butyltin]oxideTiekink, Edward Richard Tom; Gielen, Marcel; Bouhdid, Abdeslam; Willem, Rudolph; Bregadze, B. L.; Ermanson, L. V.
1999Crystal structure 2,6-di(morpholinomethyl)phenol, C16H24N2O3Crisp, Geoffrey T.; Jensen, William P.; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom; Turner, Peter David
1997Redetermination of the crystal structure of rac-bis(1,4-dimethyl-piperazine-2,5-dione-3-yl), C12H18N4O2Easton, Christopher J.; Keller, M.; Ruchardt, C.; Welle, F. M.; Rositano, G.; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
1996Binuclear copper(II) complexes of bis(pentadentate) ligands derived from alkyl-bridged bis(1,4,7-triazacyclonane) macrocyclesTiekink, Edward Richard Tom; Brudenell, Suzanne J.; Spiccia, Leone
1995An improved synthesis of 2,2-disubstituted-1,2-dihydroquinolines and their conversion to 3-chloro-2,2-disubstituted tetrahydroquinolinesWilliamson, N. M.; March, D. R.; Ward, Arthur David
1998Crystal structure of 1,8-bis[2-(6-methoxy-2-naphthyl)ethynyl]-naphthalene, C36H24O2Crisp, Geoffrey T.; Jiang, Yu-Lin; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
1995A change in coordination number from nine to eight along the lanthanide(III) aqua ion series in solution: A neutron diffraction studyCossy, C.; Helm, Lothar; Powell, D. Hugh; Merbach, Andre E.