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1999Small Molecule Crystallography: Current Practice and Future PerspectivesTiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2001(1,3-Benzo[d]dioxol-5-yl)(2-pyridyl)methyl cyanideDuthie, Andrew; Scammells, Peter J.; Katsifis, Andrew; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2001X-ray structure of (1,5,9,13-tetraazacyclohexadecane)zinc(II) tetrabromozincateChoi, Ki-Young; Ryu, H.; Suh, Il-Hwan; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2001Cytotoxicity of triorganophosphinegold(I) complexes of thiobenzoateVincent, Beverly R.; Clarke, David John; Smyth, Douglas Robert; de Vos, Dick; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2001Hypercoordinated organotin compounds containing sulfur and chlorine. Molecular structures of [(Ph3P)2N]+[S(SnR2Cl)2Cl]- (R = Me, t-Bu)Beckmann, Jens; Dakternieks, Dainis; Duthie, Andrew; Jones, Carissa; Jurkschat, Klaus; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2002Facile formation of hypercoordinated organotin anions containing sulfur and chlorineBeckmann, Jens; Dakternieks, Dainis; Duthie, Andrew; Jones, Carissa; Jurkschat, Klaus; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2007Supramolecular aggregation of mononuclear triorganophosphinegold(I) 2-mercaptobenzamides: Solution structures, thermal decomposition, and photoluminescenceKang, Jun-Gill; Cho, Hyung-Kook; Park, Changmoon; Yun, Sock-Sung; Kim, Jae-Kyung; Broker, Grant A.; Smyth, Douglas Robert; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
1995TIN(IV) porphyrin complexes - VII. crystal structures of meso-tetraphenylporphyrinatotin(IV) difluoride and dinitrate, and the correlation of spectroscopic data with core size for TIN(IV) porphyrin complexesTiekink, Edward Richard Tom; Arnold, Dennis P.
1999Crystallographic studies of diphenylgermanium, diphenyltin and diphenyllead compounds containing the dinegative ligand derived from salicylideneamino-o-hydroxybenzene: Ph₂M(OC₆H₄CH=NC₆H₄O)Diamantis, Alex A.; Gulbis, Jacqueline M.; Manikas, Mary; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
1998Crystal structure of N2-(3-morpholinopropyl)-3-hydroxy-2-naphthamideCrisp, Geoffrey T.; Jiang, Yu-Lin; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom; Li, G.; Li, Y.; Yuan, Y-C.