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2019Conditions for analysis of native protein structures using uniform field drift tube ion mobility mass spectrometry and characterization of stable calibrants for TWIM-MSHarrison, J.A.; Kelso, C.; Pukala, T.L.; Beck, J.L.
2006Crystal-packing motifs of [Ag₄L₄]⁴+ star-burst tetrahedraSumby, C.; Carr, M.; Franken, A.; Kennedy, J.; Kilner, C.; Hardie, M.
2019Biomimetic synthesis enables the structure revision of furoerioaustralasineColeman, M.A.; Burchill, L.; Sumby, C.J.; George, J.H.
2020Biophysical techniques for distinguishing ligand binding modes in cytochrome P450 monooxygenasesPodgorski, M.N.; Harbort, J.S.; Coleman, T.; Stok, J.E.; Yorke, J.A.; Wong, L.-.L.; Bruning, J.B.; Bernhardt, P.V.; De Voss, J.J.; Harmer, J.R.; Bell, S.G.
2005Construction of carbon chains on ruthenium and osmium carbonyl clustersBruce, M.; Humphrey, P.; Melino, G.; Skelton, B.; White, A.; Zaitseva, N.
2018Impact of higher-order structuralization on the adsorptive properties of metal-organic frameworksLinder-Patton, O.; Rogers, B.; Sumida, K.
2016Structuralization of Ca²⁺-based metal-organic frameworks prepared via coordination replication of calcium carbonateSumida, K.; Hu, M.; Furukawa, S.; Kitagawa, S.
2020Field deployable method for gold detection using gold pre-concentration on functionalized surfacesZuber, A.; Bachhuka, A.; Tassios, S.; Tiddy, C.; Vasilev, K.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.
2000Zinquin Ester - A reagent for the investigation of the role of available Zn(II) in living systemsWard, A.; Lincoln, S.; Betts, W.; Zalewski, P.; Forbes, I.; Mahadevan, I.; Kimber, M.; Hendrickson, K.
1997Complexation of zinc(II) and other divalent metal ions by the fluorophore 2-methyl-8-(toluene-p-sulfonamido)-6-quinolyloxyacetic acid in 50% aqueous ethanolRodopoulos, T.; Pittet, P.A.; Mahadevan, I.; Lincoln, S.; Ward, A.; Duckworth, P.; Kurucsev, T.; Hendrickson, K.; Forbes, I.; Zalewski, P.