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2015Decarboxylation versus acetonitrile loss in silver acetate and silver propiolate complexes, [RCO₂AgAIPR(CH₃CN)n]+ (where R = CH₃ and CH₃C≡C; n = 1 and 2)Li, J.; Khairallah, G.; O'Hair, R.
2018Linking defects, hierarchical porosity generation and desalination performance in metal-organic frameworksLiang, W.; Li, L.; Hou, J.; Shepherd, N.; Bennett, T.; D'Alessandro, D.; Chen, V.
2012Biogenic synthesis of photocatalytically active Ag/TiO₂ and Au/TiO₂ compositesLiang, W.; Church, T.; Harris, A.
2014Probing hydration dynamics of metal-organic frameworks by broadband THz pulsesWolpert, C.; Sumida, K.; Blanchard, F.; Tanaka, K.; Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO: 2014) (08 Jun 2014 - 13 Jun 2014 : San Jose, California)
2014Design of superhydrophobic porous coordination polymers through the introduction of external surface corrugation by the use of an aromatic hydrocarbon building unitRao, K.; Higuchi, M.; Sumida, K.; Furukawa, S.; Duan, J.; Kitagawa, S.
2016A biomimetic synthetic approach to the frondosinsKuan, K.; Hirschvogel, A.; George, J.
2011Experimental study on the thermal decomposition of 2H-heptafluoropropaneHu, Yonghua; Xu, Yingbo; Wang, Tianfang; Wang, Chenghui; Li, Shufen
2009Tertiary amine and N-heterocyclic carbene coordinated haloalanes-synthesis, structure, and applicationAlexander, Sean Geoffrey; Cole, M. L.; Forsyth, Craig M.
2018A giant 90-nucleus silver cluster templated by hetero-anionsLiu, J.-.W.; Su, H.-.F.; Wang, Z.; Li, Y.-.A.; Zhao, Q.-.Q.; Wang, X.-.P.; Tung, C.-.H.; Sun, D.; Zheng, L.-.S.
2007N-Benzyltetrahydropyrido-anellated thiophene derivatives: new anticholinesterases.Pietsch, M.; Nieger, M.; Gutschow, M.