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2004Liquid-crystal displays: Fabrication and measurement of a twisted nematic liquid-crystal cellWaclawik, Eric R.; Ford, Michael John; Hale, Penelope; Shapter, Joseph George; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans
1995Solvent exchange on metal ions: A variable pressure NMR approachFrey, Urban; Merbach, Andre E.; Powell, D. Hugh
2011Cyclizations using selenium chemistry for substituted 3-hydroxypiperidines and 3-hydroxypyrrolidinesCooper, Matthew Allister; Ward, Arthur David
2005Cholesterol esterase action on human high density lipoproteins and inhibition studies: detection by MALDI-TOF MS.Zschornig, O.; Pietsch, M.; SuB, R.; Schiller, J.; Gutschow, M.
2008Experimental study of laminar lean premixed methylmethacrylat/oxygen/argon flame at low pressureWang, T.; Li, S.; Lin, Z.; Han, D.; Han, X.
2002Temperature-induced gelation of emulsions stabilised by responsive copolymers: A rheological studyKoh, Andrew Yew Chiang; Prestidge, Clive Allan; Ametov, Igor; Saunders, Brian Roy
2007Educational analysis of the first year chemistry experiment 'Thermodynamics Think-In': an ACELL experimentRead, Justin Robert; Kable, Scott Henderson
1997Sueprcritical CO2 Extraction of the Essential Oils of Eucalypts: A Comparison with other MethodsMilner, C. P.; Trengove, R. D.; Bignell, Caroline M.; Dunlop, Peter J.
1999Small Molecule Crystallography: Current Practice and Future PerspectivesTiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2008Effect of pore wall model on prediction of diffusion coefficients for graphitic slit poresCai, Q.; Biggs, M.; Seaton, N.