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2000Some pentamethylcyclopentadienyl-ruthenium derivatives of methyl propiolateBruce, M.; Hall, B.; Skelton, B.; Tiekink, E.; White, A.; Zaitseva, N.
2002Preparation of buta-1,3-diynyl complexes of platinum(II) and their use in the construction of neutral molecular squares: synthesis, structural and theoretical characterisation of cyclo-{Pt(μ-C≡CC≡C)(dppe)}₄ and related chemistryBruce, M.; Costuas, K.; Halet, J.; Hall, B.; Low, P.; Nicholson, B.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2002Some platinum(II) complexes derived from aromatic alkynesBruce, M.; Davy, J.; Hall, B.; Jansen van Galen, Y.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2000Heterometallic complexes containing C4 chains. X-ray structures of {Cp(OC)3W}CCCC{Ir(CO)(PPh3)2(O2)} and cis-Pt{CCCC[W(CO)3Cp]}2(PEt3)2Bruce, M.; Hall, B.; Low, P.; Smith, M.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2000Oligomerisation of alkynes at a pentamethylcyclopentadienylruthenium centreBruce, M.; Hall, B.; Skelton, B.; White, A.; Zaitseva, N.
2008Sodium pentafluorobenzoate monohydrate: A novel two-dimensional carboxylate polymer with strong sodium-fluorine interactionsBruce, M.; Hall, B.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2008Some alkynyl-ruthenium complexes containing di-imine and tertiary phosphine ligandsBruce, M.; Hall, B.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2002Some molecular rods: gold(I) complexes of 1,3-diynes. Crystal structures of Au(C≡CC≡CH)(PPh₃) and {Cu₃(µ-dppm)₃}(µ₃-I)(µ₃-C≡CC≡CAuC≡CC≡CH)Bruce, M.; Hall, B.; Skelton, B.; Smith, M.; White, A.
1996Some neutral ruthenium complexes and a novel 1,3-elimination reaction reaction: Preparation of some chiral ruthenium acetylidesBruce, M.; Hall, B.; Zaitseva, N.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
1999An efficient synthesis of polyynyl and polyynediyl complexes of ruthenium(II)Bruce, M.; Hall, B.; Kelly, B.; Low, P.; Skelton, B.; White, A.