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1999Caerulein-like peptides from the skin glands of the Australian Blue Mountains Tree Frog Litoria citropaWabnitz, P.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.
1995The syntheses and structures of C₅H⁻ and C₅⁻Dua, S.; Sheldon, J.; Bowie, J.
1996Anionic migration in aromatic systems effected by collisional activation. Unusual reactions of deprotonated anilides containing methylbenzoate substituents.Bowie, J.; Blanksby, S.; Dua, S.; Hevko, J.; Christie, H.
1998New caerin 1 antibiotic peptides from the skin secretion of the Australian tree frog Litoria chloris. Part 2. Sequence determination using electrospray mass spectrometryWabnitz, P.; Steinborner, S.; Currie, G.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.
1998Gas-phase syntheses of three isomeric C₅H₂ radical anions and their elusive neutrals: a joint experimental and theoretical studyBlanksby, S.; Dua, S.; Bowie, J.; Schroder, D.; Schwarz, H.
1999Generation of two isomers of C5H from the corresponding anions. A theoretically motivated mass spectrometric studyBlanksby, S.; Dua, S.; Bowie, J.
1998Unusual collision-induced fragmentations of deprotonated methoxybenzyl formates in the gas phase. 1,2-Wittig rearrangements, cross-ring nucleophilic substitution and ortho effectsTaylor, M.; Dua, S.; Bowie, J.
1995Characterisation of underivatised tetrapeptides by negative ion fast atom bombardment mass spectrometryBradford, A.; Waugh, R.; Bowie, J.
1999Syntheses of Angucyclinones Related to Ochromycinone. Part 3. 11-Hydroxy Isomers and Some Reduced AnaloguesRozek, T.; Taylor, D.; Tiekink, E.; Bowie, J.
1997The Gas Phase Payne Rearrangement. Part 2. The Effect of Methyl SubstitutionDua, S.; Bowie, J.; Taylor, M.; Buntine, M.