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1995Solvent exchange on metal ions: A variable pressure NMR approachFrey, Urban; Merbach, Andre E.; Powell, D. Hugh
1997Sueprcritical CO2 Extraction of the Essential Oils of Eucalypts: A Comparison with other MethodsMilner, C. P.; Trengove, R. D.; Bignell, Caroline M.; Dunlop, Peter J.
1999Small Molecule Crystallography: Current Practice and Future PerspectivesTiekink, Edward Richard Tom
1996Enantioselective synthesis of the four isomers of the biologically active metabolite of the 2-arylpropanoic acid NSAID, ximoprofen, and assessment of their inhibitory activity on human platelet cyclo-oxygenase in vitroHamon, David P. G.; Hayball, Peter John; Massy-Westropp, Ralph A.; Newton, Josephine Louise; Tamblyn, Julie G.
1995TIN(IV) porphyrin complexes - VII. crystal structures of meso-tetraphenylporphyrinatotin(IV) difluoride and dinitrate, and the correlation of spectroscopic data with core size for TIN(IV) porphyrin complexesTiekink, Edward Richard Tom; Arnold, Dennis P.
1999Crystallographic studies of diphenylgermanium, diphenyltin and diphenyllead compounds containing the dinegative ligand derived from salicylideneamino-o-hydroxybenzene: Ph₂M(OC₆H₄CH=NC₆H₄O)Diamantis, Alex A.; Gulbis, Jacqueline M.; Manikas, Mary; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
1996Structural and dynamic parameters obtained from ¹⁷O NMR, EPR, and NMRD studies of monomeric and dimeric Gd³+ complexes of interest in magnetic resonance imaging: an integrated and theoretically self-consistent approach¹Powell, D. Hugh; Ni Dhubhghaill, Orla M.; Pubanz, Dirk; Helm, Lothar; Lebedev, Yakob S.; Schlaepfer, Willi; Merbach, Andre E.
1998Crystal structure of N2-(3-morpholinopropyl)-3-hydroxy-2-naphthamideCrisp, Geoffrey T.; Jiang, Yu-Lin; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom; Li, G.; Li, Y.; Yuan, Y-C.
1995Excess energy dependent photodissociation probabilities for O₂- in water clusters: O₂-(H₂0)n, 1 ≤ n ≤ 33Lavrich, David J.; Buntine, Mark Anthony; Serxner, David; Johnson, Mark A.
1995Detection of vibrational-overtone excitation in water via laser-induced grating spectroscopyBuntine, Mark Anthony; Chandler, David W.; Hayden, Carl C.