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2023Micro-analytical and molecular approaches for understanding the distribution, biochemistry, and molecular biology of selenium in (hyperaccumulator) plantsPinto Irish, K.; Harvey, M.A.; Harris, H.H.; Aarts, M.G.M.; Chan, C.X.; Erskine, P.D.; van der Ent, A.
2023Experimental and computational characterisation of an artificial light harvesting complexSlimani, S.L.; Kostecki, R.; Kursunlu, A.N.; Kee, T.W.; Tapping, P.C.; Mak, A.M.; Quach, J.Q.
2022A Diazo-Hooker Reaction, Inspired by the Biosynthesis of AzameroneYahiaoui, O.; Murray, L.A.M.; Zhao, F.; Moore, B.S.; Houk, K.N.; Liu, F.; George, J.H.
2022Templated synthesis of zirconium(IV)-based metal-organic layers (MOLs) with accessible chelating sitesGimeno-Fonquernie, P.; Liang, W.; Albalad, J.; Kuznicki, A.; Price, J.R.; Bloch, E.D.; Doonan, C.J.; Sumby, C.J.
2022Biomimetic synthesis of the non-canonical PPAP natural products yezo'otogirin C and hypermogin D, and studies towards the synthesis of norascyronone ASassnink, S.A.; Phan, Q.D.; Lam, H.C.; Day, A.J.; Murray, L.A.M.; George, J.H.
2022Guest-dependent isomer convergence of a permanently fluxional coordination cageBirve, A.; Patel, H.D.; Price, J.R.; Bloch, W.M.; Fallon, T.
2022Bioinspired total synthesis of erectones A and B, and the revised structure of hyperelodione DFranov, L.J.; Hart, J.D.; Pullella, G.A.; Sumby, C.J.; George, J.H.
2022Use of modulators and light to control crystallisation of a hydrogen bonded frameworkMuang-Non, P.; Toop, H.D.; Doonan, C.J.; White, N.G.
2022Thermally activated delayed fluorescence poly(dendrimer)s - detrapping excitons for reverse intersystem crossingPuttock, E.; Ranasinghe, C.S.K.; Babazadeh, M.; Kistemaker, J.C.M.; Jang, J.; Gao, M.; Huang, D.M.; Adachi, C.; Burn, P.L.; Shaw, P.E.
2022Regulation of Multistep Spin Crossover Across Multiple Stimuli in a 2-D Framework MaterialAhmed, M.; Zenere, K.A.; Sciortino, N.F.; Arachchige, K.S.A.; Turner, G.F.; Cruddas, J.; Hua, C.; Price, J.R.; Clegg, J.K.; Valverde-Muñoz, F.J.; Real, J.A.; Chastanet, G.; Moggach, S.A.; Kepert, C.J.; Powell, B.J.; Neville, S.M.
2022Dielectric constant engineering of organic semiconductors: effect of planarity and conjugation lengthJiang, W.; Jin, H.; Babazadeh, M.; Loch, A.S.; Raynor, A.; Mallo, N.; Huang, D.M.; Jiao, X.; Tan, W.L.; McNeill, C.R.; Burn, P.L.; Shaw, P.E.
2022Toward High-Temperature Light-Induced Spin-State Trapping in Spin-Crossover Materials: The Interplay of Collective and Molecular EffectsNadeem, M.; Cruddas, J.; Ruzzi, G.; Powell, B.J.
2022Multimodal synchrotron X-ray fluorescence imaging reveals elemental distribution in seeds and seedlings of the Zn-Cd-Ni hyperaccumulator Noccaea caerulescensvan der Ent, A.; de Jonge, M.D.; Echevarria, G.; Aarts, M.G.M.; Mesjasz-Przybyłowicz, J.; Przybyłowicz, W.J.; Brueckner, D.; Harris, H.H.
2022Expressed Protein Selenoester LigationKulkarni, S.S.; Watson, E.E.; Maxwell, J.W.C.; Niederacher, G.; Johansen‐Leete, J.; Huhmann, S.; Mukherjee, S.; Norman, A.R.; Kriegesmann, J.; Becker, C.F.W.; Payne, R.J.
2022A 3,4-dimethoxy-1,8-naphthalimide for lipid droplet imaging in live and fixed cellsJohnson, I.R.D.; Rudebeck, E.E.; Sweetman, M.J.; Sorvina, A.; Ashton, T.D.; Pfeffer, F.M.; Brooks, D.A.; Hickey, S.M.
2022Guest-Induced Multistep to Single-Step Spin-Crossover Switching in a 2-D Hofmann-Like Framework with an Amide-Appended LigandAhmed, M.; Arachchige, K.S.A.; Xie, Z.; Price, J.R.; Cruddas, J.; Clegg, J.K.; Powell, B.J.; Kepert, C.J.; Neville, S.M.
2022How Reproducible are Surface Areas Calculated from the BET Equation?Osterrieth, J.W.M.; Rampersad, J.; Madden, D.; Rampal, N.; Skoric, L.; Connolly, B.; Allendorf, M.D.; Stavila, V.; Snider, J.L.; Ameloot, R.; Marreiros, J.; Ania, C.; Azevedo, D.; Vilarrasa-Garcia, E.; Santos, B.F.; Bu, X.-H.; Chang, Z.; Bunzen, H.; Champness, N.R.; Griffin, S.L.; et al.
2022Combining a genetically engineered oxidase with hydrogen-bonded organic frameworks (HOFs) for highly efficient biocompositesWied, P.; Carraro, F.; Bolivar, J.M.; Doonan, C.J.; Falcaro, P.; Nidetzky, B.
2022Ring Forming Approaches to para-Quinones: Toward a General Diels-Alder DisconnectionBudwitz, J.E.; Newton, C.G.
2022Antibacterial silver and gold complexes of imidazole and 1,2,4-triazole derived N-heterocyclic carbenesMather, J.C.; Wyllie, J.A.; Hamilton, A.; Soares da Costa, T.P.; Barnard, P.J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1869