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Type: Recording, oral
Title: The upside of down: catastrophe, creativity and the renewal of civilization
Author: Homer-Dixon, Thomas
Publisher: Radio Adelaide
Issue Date: 2007
Organisation: Friends of the University of Adelaide Library
Advertiser Big Book Club
Radio Adelaide
Subject: Homer-Dixon, Thomas F. Upside of down
Sustainable development
Environmental policy
Environmental sciences Social aspects
Renewable natural resources Social aspects
Human ecology
Environmental degradation Social aspects
Authors Anecdotes
Description: Climate change, energy crises, environmental pressures, population stress, economic instability and inequity: is this a world on the brink of catastrophe? There’s reason to think so. Thomas Homer-Dixon discusses his new book which explains that these ’tectonic stresses’, massive and frightening though they are, are not the end of the story.
Talk recorded at the University of Adelaide, Ira Raymond Exhibition Room, Barr Smith Library, 30 Aug. 2007, at a free public talk hosted by the Friends of the University of Adelaide Library in conjunction with The Advertiser Big Book Club.
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