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Type: Conference paper
Title: A magnetic circuit model for an IPMS synchronous machine incorporating moving airgap and cross-coupled saturation effects
Author: Han, S.
Jahns, T.
Soong, W.
Citation: IEMDC '07: IEEE International Electric Machines & Drives Conference, 3-5 May, 2007:pp. 21-26
Publisher: IEEE
Publisher Place: CDROM
Issue Date: 2007
ISBN: 1424407427
Conference Name: International Electric Machines and Drives Conference (2007 : Antalya, Turkey)
Abstract: A new magnetic circuit model is presented for an interior permanent magnet (IPM) synchronous machine, using a machine with three-phase distributed stator windings and three layers of flux barriers in the rotor as an example topology. The model accounts for: i) the effects of cross-coupled magnetic saturation caused by the salient rotor; ii) variation of magnetic saturation levels in the iron rotor bridges that are key elements of the unitary rotor laminations; iii) the effects of stator lamination slots on the airgap mmf distribution; and iv) the local variation of airgap permeance due to the stator slotting and the relative position of the rotor with respect to the stator. As a result of these features, the new model is capable of significantly improving the accuracy of electromagnetic performance predictions for aggressively-designed IPM machines compared to previously-available magnetic circuit models. Comparisons with finite-element analysis and measurement results are provided showing that the new model is much faster while delivering appealing accuracy compared to the FE method.
Description: © Copyright 2007 IEEE
RMID: 0020073023
DOI: 10.1109/IEMDC.2007.383546
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