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Type: Journal article
Title: Static analysis of isotropic thick/thin skew plates by finite element method
Author: Haldar, S.
Manna, M.
Sheikh, A.
Citation: International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 2003; 8(2):245-254
Publisher: Technical University Press Zielona Gora
Issue Date: 2003
ISSN: 1734-4492
Abstract: A general first order shear deformation theory has been developed to analyze the bending behavior of isotropic skew plates. The plates having different skew angles ('alpha'), aspect ratios (a/b), boundary conditions and transverse loading conditions (concentrated load, uniformly distributed load, hydrostatic varying load and sinusoidal varying load) have been analyzed by the nine node isoparametric element. The analysis has also been performed considering plate thickness ratio varying from a/b=0.001 to a/b=0.02. The deflections and principal bending moments in non-dimensional forms have been presented at different locations of the plates. The present solutions have been compared with the published results wherever available and have got good agreement. Some numerical solutions have been given which may be treated as new results.
Keywords: shear deformation; skew plate; hydrostatic and sinusoidal load; aspect ratio; thickness ratio
RMID: 0020081737
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